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What Is Your Favorite Genre Of Music?

I was wondering if everyone wouldn't mind telling me what your favorite Genre of music is?

Sometimes I ask questions to help us all get to know each other better 🙂

My apologies if I missed your preference...

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twshield 8 Jan 26

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Amazing that the music that has been around for century's and is still a major art form is missing. Classical.

sorry jack. i forgot clasical

@twshield You should try it sometime. Here's one for you. Turn it up loud and watch the musicians (it's only 15 minutes long). This was written almost 200 years ago by a deaf composer. You probable won't like it (on the first listening) but it might change your impression of classical. I call it heavy metal classical.

And there are so many varieties of that, too! I like most of them but I'm not wild about opera or lieder.

@Coffeo Imagine how the people of the time felt when they heard this.
I lived in Germany 15 years and like some Lieder especially when sung by Jonas Kaufmann.

Just to fluff your feathers a bit, Jack. 😉😀

@VictoriaNotes I got your point and it was good and I do really like cello and YoYo. I was looking at the reaction of the audience. The thing is this group is modern and the Beethoven piece was written in 1825, the year he died (maybe this piece was what killed him). I replied to another comment about how Parvin and I got into a discussion about how knowledge can heighten one's appreciation of art. She didn't think so but after going to some museums and using the headsets (Rick Steves has an app for that) she saw I was right (one of the few times). It is the knowledge of the circumstances of "Gro?e Fuge" that makes it so remarkable. Also, the more one listens to a piece to more one tends to enjoy it.

BTW, I wish I had feathers and could fly.

@JackPedigo Just for clarification, the song is Thunderstruck by AC/DC an Australian heavy metal rock band, formed in Sydney in 1973. This video by 2 Cellos is satire, making fun of upper-class snobs. Lol

@VictoriaNotes "Upper class snobs"eh! I know I looked them up.
Glad you had fun with that.

@JackPedigo I know this quite well. My wife likes lieder much more than I do. He's a great singer. I just don't happen to like that style much.

@Coffeo I know it's an acquired taste. J. Kaufman is a Grammy winner and is seen as the best Tenor of this generation.
Is you wife German?

@JackPedigo No, but she likes tenors 🙂

@VictoriaNotes I showed that group to a friend, Nick. He loved it and looked up the group. One thing about this place is it's music scene. It is a big deal here. Nick and his wife, Susie are a part of several bands. I am going (there will be some classical music for us "snobs" ).
[] you will see Susie and Nick listed. I will try and get a video of some of the music so you can get an idea of what I am always going on about.

@JackPedigo Your link doesn't work. Says "Page not found."

@VictoriaNotes Even though the whole link appears when I write it part disappears when I send it. Will send it with a chat.

@VictoriaNotes I have come to a conclusion (which you and I don't agree with but it happens too often to discount it) that the saying "if at first you don't succeed..." there is a reason. Trying to get this to work I found a better link. Go here watch the slide show and then click on "Warmth in the Heart of Winter".

@JackPedigo I look forward to seeing the videos. I like some classical music, and I've already shared one of my favorites via email. But some of it can grate on my nerves, even though I have an appreciation of its compositional complexities. I grew up in a musical family. Every member played an instrument except for my dad, but he was a great collector of instrumental music, i.e., Henry Mancini, and he played them often.

I was in school band from 6 - 12 grades (both concert and marching). I was also the lead female vocalist of a popular local rock band playing weekend gigs in Washington, DC and the metropolitan area, including 4-star hotel lounges. I'm a bit of a music "snob" myself. I'm pretty sure you wouldn't like some of the music I love -- i.e., electronic dance (EMD). 😉

@VictoriaNotes I'm not so sure about that. I was stationed in Turkey and heard a lot of Turkish music. When I met Parvin she played her Iranian music a lot and, to me, it sounded like the Turkish music (which pushed some of her buttons - we joked about this). However, I grew to like some of this music. It's all a matter of familiarity. My dad was the classical music lover in the family and we all hated it. Now we like it and one brother loves opera. go figure.

Good, for you, I am impressed; music is important in a person's life. My aunt didn't care for music and I always felt something was missing in her life. After the concert tonight I will send you some of the music.

I tried taking violin in college but it didn't take. The only music I play is the radio.

@JackPedigo When I lived in the Upstate of South Carolina, I enjoyed grocery shopping at The Fresh Market. The atmosphere had a calming effect. The lighting wasn't so bright, and they played classical music. Have fun tonight.

@VictoriaNotes Thank you I actually did. The first half of the event was mostly country like. But it was different and a lot was composed by members of the group. One woman played the 'fiddle' for this and then later played Dvorak on the 'violin'. I have found that when one knows the musicians and the venue and performance are good (and there is not a huge mob - some 250+ attended) one can appreciate the music more. I actually took my cell phone and did some recordings but am not sure how to download it to the computer. For a preview of past concerts go to youTube and "Super Wide Groove".

I am sorry to seem to always brag but when I think I know this place something like this comes along and surprises me. The "Good Lovelies" were here last month and being a "snob" it was not my kind of music but I really liked it.(does that make me a flexi-snob?)


None of the above. My favorites are classical and folk.

cool sorry i missed your genre


I voted hard/classic rock, but I really needed to have multiple choices.
My musical preferences are all over the place depending on my mood.

sorry i was at work and time was limited to think my question fully through

@twshield It's all good. 👍



I mostly like songs with a blues feel to them.

very relaxing


I've yet to find a genre where I couldn't find at least something that I liked ! I was fortunate to be exposed to all kinds of music as a child - so all things are possible ...

perhaps you are eclectic

@twshield oh yeah, if you only knew ...


I love pretty much all kinds of music. I play English & Irish Traditional Music and have just started to learn some Cornish tunes having lived down here for the last 25 years I thought it was about time 🙂 So I guess it's mainly folk music
I do like some of the older country music -Merle Haggard, Hank Williams, Patsy Cline.... I've not heard much of the recent stuff
Love Blues John Lee Hooker, Muddy Waters, Howlin Wolf....
Some orchestral stuff Beethoven, Bach, bit of Wagner

If there is a God he's called Mohsen Amini and he plays the concertina 😉

brilliant !

@evergreen I love celtic salsa too... celtic way can be adapted to many genres. All cultures have their Mojo to be discovered by strangers of foreign lands.

@Heathen2 Whoa - so many never heard of them - big time favorites !!


Brother im an old rocker.... all my players are getting old and dying off. Im still a big fan of Journey. I move around at night on u-tube and find a memory and a old illusion. You should of seen me back in the disco days... my BeeGee's are almost falling apart like wife loves John Mayer... she's a

2 nights ago I spent the night digging out disco music for a friend to teach.

@GipsyOfNewSpain. Good

nice! never really been in to john mayer though

@twshield. I hate to say this but my wife is one of the beach babies and went to all those concerts. I'm very impressed with all the places she's been and worked. She would quit a job if the sexual abuse signals started getting bad. She was copper toned when we were dating. I didn't know she sat out in the sun all the time. She started getting some skin cancer cut off her back and it shut down her now she's white looking like and life moves on!

@BucketlistBob wow ! Glad she is OK though.


Couldn't vote. My musical tastes are eclectic to the extreme and I only draw the line at most Country/Western, Experimental, Rap, and Heavy Metal. Everything else is fair game and I listen to all of it with equal appreciation. I do have a soft spot for Celtic and early Folk Music. The latter may be driven by the fact that I supplemented my income as a folksinger/musician for a while during the mid 1950s to late 1960s.

Similar sentiments from me, but I think my line would be Heavy Metal (always) , and much of dico type pop, "easy listening", and popular ... what goes as "easy listening" on German radio . Or Dutch. Or most other places, probably. Elvis, Oh, quite a lot really. But there is also a lot I do at times like, including some Western, which used to be on my no go list. I did like the ..? ..Chicks (forgot their full name) who opposed Bush back then. I liked the music, as well as their stance. Love a lot of international stuff with folk elements, including some great stuff done in Germany.

yes you are eclectic


Chose hard rock because Metal wasn't listed. Give me some melodic death metal any day.

Kmohr Level 3 Feb 3, 2018

Metal, from Black Sabbath on out. Been exposed to it since I was six.


Classical and Jazz... neither a choice to select.

And so many different kinds of both!

@Coffeo Exactly, the question should had never been asked.


I don't have a favorite. I enjoy country to death metal if that's any indication of pop preferences. I was also classically trained as a musician so I appreciate cannon as well. Not to say there aren't exceptions in either direction.

interesting, thanks sir


Being a child of the 70's i am a fan or R&B such as Minnie ripperton, dianna ross& the supremes, denise William, cool & the gang, Aretha franklin, etc,
but i also love Classic Rock such as Van halen, motley crew, Fleetwood mac, poison, queen, eagles, pink floyd, areosmith etc

motown has a special place in my heart. It is easier for me to say I don't like deathmetal, rap . I am not fond of country.Most everything else I like to see how it sounds

@btroje yes i am similar


Metal and Hip-Hop


Like most folks, I like most genres of music, although I'm not a fan of country music.

I grew up listening to The Beatles and Pink Floyd, so I tend to like all kinds of rock, folk, and alternative music.

I wish I were more familiar with newer artists. I really like Bruno Mars, but I can't think of anyone contemporary I really like.

Favorite concerts were: Pink Floyd, the indigo girls, David Bowie, Madonna, Erasure, Tori Amos, Melissa Etheridge, Adam Ant, and Fleetwood Mac.

Worst concert was probably The Beastie Boys (saw them when they first started touring; I think they were lip syncing the whole time).




Sirius is great because you can go from Patsy Cline to Happy Mondays to The Bronx with just a push of some buttons.


I am a product of the whole grunge thing for sure (my formative years were spent there lol) but I also love folk and old blues (Robert Johnson)


Broadway and showtunes.


I am drawn to most genres; the exceptions being serially hardcore metal and lethal misogynistic rap. On any given day, you might find me riding around with The Legendary Pink Dots, Bach, Latino and/or Egyptian dance tunes, jazz and electro swing, the Beatles, bluegrass and folks, electronica, or maybe some blues.

I broadcast a weekly radio program of contemporary Irish/Celtic/British Isles music from all over the world on community radio.

Nice thanks!


Wow! Atheists love hard rock music 🙂



Reminds me of my weed days


Thrash metal all the way! Nothing else gives me so much energy.


Listening to Frampton Comes Alive.
Yesterday was Parliment.
Day before was Buck Owens.
Oh and I found some polka music, too.
Soooo ...

EDIT: How could I forget Elvis Costello (Monday) and Devo (Tuesday)



I like all the genres except for most country music, although I love some of it. I've lived in Mexico, Thailand, and Haiti, so became a fan of all the music genres in those countries, besides the US genres.

Here in Thailand I've also become a fan of K-pop, Japanese, and Thai music. I stream music on my computer with [], where I have a very wide genre selection, plus you can request channels of certain singers, groups or genres.
There's even a custom "Chopin channel" that I love.

very interesting!

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