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Thanks for thinking of me.
Believe it or not, I'd love to see a viable solution to the insanity of our medical care here.
This article, once again, speaks in incredibly gross generalities. Now, I'm not using "gross" as in "eew, that's gross", but as a term meaning "undefined".
I'm pretty sure somewhere there is a spreadsheet listing line items for costs for healthcare for the population of the USA. Starting with the current numbers.
I think a "rolled up" semi-summary of that spreadsheet.... say, 50 or less major line items would be interesting. Right now, I don't think anyone has grasped the magnitude of this conversion.

@bigpawbullets I KNOW the magnitude of not converting. I'm solidly working class and I've seen my friends and family litterally dying for years because they can't afgord healthcare and don't qualify for assistance. Both of my parents would still be alive instead of dying a decade ago if they had had access to regular medical care.

I'd never condescend and say "I know how you feel" because I don't. But until this is approached in a cold & logical manner, nothing done will be a success.

@bigpawbullets horseshit. It's only applied coldly and logically when the poor and working class are being screwed.
The wealthy are and have been making fortunes off the work and misery of everyone else. Quite simply, if we reinstate fdr era tax rates we can pay for ALL the social services and infrastructure this country needs.
We need to curb and control the true parasites of our society.

@OpposingOpposum !!!!
Horse shit!!!! Oh my! I've shoveled my share both in reality and metaphorically.
I not trying to argue the fact that it is probably affordable. Might even cut my taxes! <doubtfull>.
The magnitude of switching over is just unknown until someone approaches this as a huge project, requiring unheard of planning. This makes getting to the moon look like child's play.


Excellent article! Knowledge is Power!


No Universal Medicare but the World's largest military by a factor of ten. What a misuse of the Public Purse.

We do not have the largest military but he most expensive one.


Thank you for posting @HippieChick58. Intelligent, helpful, and a great addition to the restatance. RESIST! ✊


I couldn't read the article, either, because I'm out of free reads. But I am on Medicare. I'm afraid that a lot of people have a serious misconception of what Medicare is and does. For example, there is no coverage for any life-style issues. It will cover hearing tests but not anything toward hearing aids. It will not cover anything such as walkers or crutches or canes. It does cover part of my medications, but not nearly all of the cost. Fortunately for me, I'm covered under a state pension system that just extended my healthcare coverage for 20+ additional years. That's what's covered most of my costs since I retired. I think Medicare only covers the most basic, life-or-death issues, but if you live and need some equipment to keep your life worth living, you're pretty much out of luck.
That said, it sure beats not having any insurance at all. One catastrophic event can easily sink most people financially. It shouldn't be possible to go bankrupt over medical expenses in a civilized nation (in my opinion).


I am on Medicare, and Medicare is NOT something you want to deal with. Think of it more like as VA care for all and you will be closer to the truth.

I have been more satisfied, and Waaay less out of pocket, on Medicare than when I was employed where they were considered to provide "excellent coverage". And I have had several major joint replacements, among other things, like ongoing diabetes care and fibromyalgia, for example. You need to change doctors, IMO, in my experience it is their office staff that makes All the difference!


The republucans own study stated it was the lowest cost and best program.


The question, "How will we pay for it." is a diversion. We already spend more than that, and much of it goes to insurance companies that provide no discernible health benefits. Instead of insurance shareholders getting rich, we pay for Medicare, and save 2T over ten years.


Excellent, thank you for sharing.


Canada does just fine.


Excellent post!


i am out of free reads. can you summarize please?


Me too

It mentions the Jake Tapper interview with AOC where he asked her how she would pay for the 40 trillion medicare-for-all would cost. And the article argues that under the current system it would cost 50 trillion and we should focus on that we could safe 10 trillion that way, not how we could pay medicar-for-all.

@Dietl good point, that. and yet when the affordable care act tightened up waste and saved money, without cutting services, the gop screamed that obama was cutting medicare! they lie as they breathe. they're not asking the wrong questions out of ignorance. they're doing it on purpose, because the right questions lead to better health care, which is not on their agenda at all.


I agree and the article also mentions that the gop asks this not out of ignorance but as a strategy. It's only sad that the media (Tapper in this instance) is not on the side of the people here and just defends the status quo.

@Dietl not all media. fox and sinclair affiliates, for sure. some other media figures. but there are plenty of media out there telling the truth. too bad a whole swathe of the population is paying no attention, or doesn't understand, or has drunk the orange kool-aid.


@genessa If you think the ACA saved money you haven't been paying attention.

@jeshuey if you think it hasn't, you've been paying attention to the wrong outlets. it shaved medicare costs, for the government. did every citizen get a better deal on the exchange, which is by no means all there is to the aca? no. it worked out for most, not all. medicaid expansion is part of the aca. it works great... in states where the governors actually implemented it. the exchanges work for a lot of people but they're not required to use them if they can get a better deal through employers or privately. those are part of aca too. aca forbids THOSE insurers to discriminate against women and against people with preexisting conditions too. aca is not an insurance company. it's a law and it has many parts. the parts about how medicare gets paid and for what saved a ton of money for the government to spend on benefits instead.


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