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I just wish more of the scum he appointed from the swamp would just quit


I don't get why people don't notice that free college has existed for, and from major universities.

Tuition-Free Online Colleges and Free Online Degree Programs

Brown University. Brown University is a private Ivy League Research University located in Providence, Rhode Island. ...
Columbia University. ...
Cornell University. ...
Duke University. ...
Harvard University. ...
Texas A&M University. ...
University of the People. ...
Vanderbilt University.



This is what we get when you have an administration that believes the ends justify the means. As long as wealth continues to accrue to the top percentiles - just don't worry about what's happening anywhere else.


So basically, the CFPB has been turned upside-down in the name of profiteering. Why am I not surprised?


I'm a victim of Betsy DeVos's unbridled greed


Betraying Student Loan Program-Stealing Money For ICE From Different Agencies? Thief


I know why he is frustrated. An npr report yesterday explained how only 250 (approx,) loans have been scheduled for loan forgiveness out of 29,000 + applications (less than 1 %). Most applicants represent public servant types like myself (teachers, firemen, nurses, police, etc).

Ive applied for the loan forgiveness program at least 3x. Im a high school teacher going on 30 years in the classroom. I have spent the majority of my teaching career teaching in Title I schools, which is the criteria for the loan forgiveness program. I recently acquired my PhD in education, accruing $200,000 in school loan debt. Im still teaching in a Title I school, yet can't get preferred status for loan forgiveness. The program only eliminates part of the schhol loan total, but even that would help.

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