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But will these people be allowed to testify, or will their comments be reported on Fox News..the only news source the brain-washed Trumpanzees will watch?


It will not disqualify him as the republicans are not concerned what happened in high school or college.

Unfortunately, I'm afraid you're right. Let's hope there might just be enough of them who come around to prevent this abomination. Not gonna hold my breath, though.


Hope they get testimony from these old friends. His lawyer is desperately trying to keep his pristine image. He is no angel. Hope he gets impeached from current judgeship and has charges pressed vs him.


At some point here, even the shameless republicans will have to pressure him to save [their] face by him voluntarily stepping down with the expected "too much for my family" excuse. Way too toxic, and way beyond the possibility of a contrived accuser.


I hope this train wreck ends with the Greedy Old Pricks finally suffering some consequences for bad behavior


I have far more respect for the ones who own up, & get on with making amends somehow.

LOL! I've never heard of a GOP politician doing that.

@birdingnut Unlikely.

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