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Do you think scientists will find cure for aids and cancer

jasminsabile14 2 Jan 27

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Well -- there is a HIV vaccine and numerous studies and reports of various cancer cures already existing. It's just those cures do not make people money so they get bought, stolen, hidden.

Not to sound crazy saying there is already many cures for cancer, but it is true. Sooo..... sorry, not sorry.


AIDS? Perhaps. Cancer? That's not a singular disease, but dozens. Some might be prevented or cured, eventually; but I cannot see that happening with ALL cancers.

Zster Level 8 Jan 28, 2018

Definitely. I often explain to those that have cancer that when I was a kid there were no Cancer Survivor groups...none! When we first became aware of AIDS it was a death sentence. Now, sufferers are living longer and better.


Well the cure is just to pray to god to heal you, seems I read in the bible all you have to do is believe in jesus and he will answer all your prayers, but after thousands of prayers none have ever been answered. But he does get credit for lots of things in the medical field that should go to doctors and science. One thing I do know is that god surely does have hate towards amputees. But to answer your question, I don't think they won't cures, more money in treating than curing.


Hepatitis C is 100% curable - the cost? about 100,000 dollars for pills, just pills.


I'm pretty sure they already have. It's not about the people's health. It's about the $$$$

Money is certainly a very important part of the equation.


They can now make aids non detectable in the body, almost a cure. Cancer is not going away until we stop making carcinogens, when we stop doing that we may be able to produce a cure for the few cases of cancer that still occur.


They already have cures gor both but either you have t have millions of dollars for treatment or they are not being produced because of lack of fumding due to the fact that cancer is s billion dollar a year franchise and to many companies would lose money if they cured people


I saw a video from "In a Nutshell," a science channel on YouTube, that talked about a bacterial enzyme called Crispr. The enzyme can modify strands of DNA, and scientists have been experimenting with it for just this purpose.

From what I've heard, Crispr has been found to be something like 90% successful at curing aids in rats, and I've also heard China is experimenting with crispr to modify the immune system to fight variations of liver cancer.


Yes, but they won't be from the USA. They aren't in the business of curing.

Gohan Level 7 Jan 28, 2018

No profit from healthy people


Nope. Doctors make too much money treating them.

There is that belief that Big Pharma doesn't want cures, it wants customers.

As if doctors/researchers (or their loved ones) never get cancers themselves...

The potential price that folks might be willing to pay for an iron clad cure could hands down beat the cost of these crap poisons we throw at it these days.

I would also add the college debt that many of the doctors have (USA talk).


yes, is society lives long enough to see it, I guess a vaccination for aids and lots of different cancer treatments involving our own immune systems being "taught" to attack the cancers.

Yes they are doing this (using immune system) for melanoma now, definitely making progress

Some are already commercially available. I doubt that all cancer targets lend themselves to exploitation by immune therapy, though. At least some might get benefit from it.




Of course, and it won't be long. It will be eliminated genetically, through the use of nanotechnology, or some non invasive techniques -- perhaps something else we haven't thought about quite yet, but it will be done sometime in the next twenty years or so.


Short answer is - I think they will figure out cures to at least manage most cancers, and they have already figured out management strategies that work for most people for HIV infections.

Look at the treatment (and it is a specific type of cancer that this only works for to date) they worked up for former President Jimmy Carter's metastisized brain cancer a couple of years ago. That would have been impossible only a few years ago. Problem is with cancer is that most of them are unique enough that the treatments need to be tailored to the individual. The tech for doing that is coming quickly.

HIV cures are going to be a bit more problematic as that virus moves into an infected person's DNA and can stay there forever. Some of the newer molecular biology techniques (things like CRISPR/Cas-9) that can be targeted to specifically edit DNA sequences in living genomes could be very useful in getting rid of the virus once and for all. Those techniques are being tested out initially now, but are probably a decade or more from being usable in a general sense.

So yes - I think that there will be cures or very effective management strategies for most of these problems with my lifetime. Questions are more going to be cost, general availability, and whether they can be deployed widely.


A cure for AIds is close and possible. Cancer is a broad spectrum illness and may never yield to a cure. Ways to delay cancer's more destructive effects exist now and show the most promise.


I think cancer is changing as fast as they are figuring it out. And there is more stuff in the environment that is wreaking havoc in our bodies. I don't trust GMOs. So I am doubtful of cures for cancer at least.

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