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I exist in this world without clothes, and all animals have special clothes,why?

belfodil 6 Sep 27

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Mankind in homo Sapian Sapian came from the heat of the Savanna. Neanderthal and Denisovan came from colder climes. Neanderthal was hairier; do not know about Denisovan except they were better at high altitudes.


Your ancestors were obsessed with shaving so over millennia of cutting off their hair you have evolved into a hairless ape-man.

Ha ha ... funny one!


Do what now?


Hi, Belfodil, and welcome to the website!

Humans began wearing clothes 170,000 years ago, after they had already lost their body hair and an Ice Age was starting. Wearing clothes allowed them to migrate into the north.
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Our fur is mostly gone. Some men are still very hairy but I think less and less over time.

Curiously, clothes in the bible are a remedy for the shameful sense of being naked. My guess is that global temperatures made extra covering necessary at some time in our history and hair became superfluous as temperatures rose.


You wear the same clothes they do... You just cover yours up with woven or sewn cloth!

This cloth that i pute, it is from the animals .. The animal does not have the mind, and the human have ..with that I need him, Is not that a little weird?

@belfodil The animals that you refer to do have minds, they just communicate their thoughts differently than we do.

Now, look at your arms and legs. See the hair growing there? That is your "nature's clothing."

The cloth is a means of protection .. Protects from cold, heat, and perhaps other types protect even from accidents .... The theory says that we evolved over millions of years ... Despite the mind that we have, i not developed until we have a special dress as other objects

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