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LINK Pat Robertson to God: Please ‘throw confusion’ into Kavanaugh’s accusers – DeadState

This man needs to STFU, and he's old. Just shuffle off and go to Jeebus already. Not praying for the truth, but for the women to shut up. That is fucked up, down, and sideways.

HippieChick58 9 Sep 27

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He ranks right up there with trumper as does Billy Grahm's son


When white supremacists go Pentecostal...


Me to God: please make 100 million Republican heads explode, all at once. And may their bank accounts be drained so that the damage Republicans caused over the last 40 years may be corrected.


I found this quote interesting: “It is unbelievable,” Robertson said. “And if anybody buys it, they’d be willing to buy the story of the Great Pumpkin and any other myth that you can think of.”

The irony is overwhelming.


I was working for the church when Oral Roberts did his give me $5 million or god is going to call me home. The consensus was that wasn't a threat that anyone should pay attention to. If he believed that heaven was his home, he should be wanting to go, if it was a scam he should be afraid of the government. Old pat is part of that scam crowd that just hopes to hold on long enough to screw everyone.

Exactly .


I want to think "old" has little to do with it. Maybe because I am "old." The best I can say on "old Pat" (yes, he is old) is that you can be thankful he never was elected president. I was still in church when he ran. STFU Pat. Your input on anything is totally ridiculous! Hurricanes did not hit Haiti because of deals with the devil. They hit Haiti because of extreme weather. Wake up, old Pat. Or maybe you should just go to sleep. 🙂


He needs to die and be w Jesus . Like now .

I don't think Jesus would have him.

@Jolanta oh he will . Satan and Jesus , una fatsa una ratsa" . Same face same ass ?


He's being honest about his disdain for women. If only his followers would grab a clue.

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