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Yeah, but he's now in!


Too many failures to provide a direct answer. He's not a dumb dude and doesn't convincingly play the role. He tried the same posture a couple weeks ago and couldn't pull it off then, either.


This picture sums it up. Look at every woman in that photo.


He acted and said things similar to the well-known man who raped me...everyone thought he was a nice guy, respected in the community, etc. He cried, he shouted, he denied everything and blamed me (I was a child for pity sake)...

If he is innocent, he should welcome an investigation to clear his name with grace and just as much passion.


He is a proven liar and now could NEVER be on the SCOTUS. He'd have an axe to grind against every liberal cause... Well, I guess he has that already. But his childish meltdowns and failure to answer questions yesterday was enough proof.




if they're gonna put a conservative in there then so be it. but don't put an this guy. he does NOT have the temperament to be a supreme court judge. hmmm, bad temperament ... isn't the claim that this Dr. is making against him also?? he's a spoiled little punk who won't be told no.

I agree with you, it’s hard to believe that an accused pedophile is the best they could come up with.


He looked completely guilty and clearly has anger issues.


Totally guilty. Cried and whined how he wasn't-so unstable not suited for scotus.


Of course he's guilty. This whole thing with their only releasing a small percent of his writings and papers is a travesty of justice. The main question here is his obviously right leaning decisions and the possibility of his disastrous opinions shaping law and rulings for years to come. He could put us back 100 years as far as woman's issues and civil rights if he gets to the court. It's a good thing that I live so far out in the hills as I am furious about this whole disgusting mess. BLUE WAVE PLEASE.


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