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So. I ended up in the ER last night with complications from the flu (atypical pneumonia; acute bronchitis; STILL the original flu). Two breathing treatments, chest-xrays, handling by surly nurses, and interviews with goofy docs later, I get released with more meds that I care to shake a stick at all and instructions to REST, REST, REST, drink lots of fluids, and follow up with my own doc in three days. I post about this on FB and get two distinctly different types of responses. They are either: "thoughts and prayers" (rubbish responses, as far as I'm concerned) OR "Is there anything I can actually DO to help?" (responses that tell you who the decent human beings are).

BookDeath 8 Jan 28

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I don't mind "I'm thinking of you" so much. But the "I'm praying for you" comments were irksome, since those people REALLY did believe that they were accomplishing something. Sigh. Two of them, the professionals in the bunch, a pastor and a priest, I'm sure actually DID pray for me. I'm probably even now maybe on an official church prayer list (or two). The others who said that? A couple are pretty devout. They might do it. The rest are just parroting the words to sound nice and make pretty on FB.


I'm willing to bet most of those people who do the (thoughts and prayers) shit just do it out of habit. Furthermore, I'll bet most of them don't actually pray nor think about you past the time it takes to read your post. I do wish you a speedy recovery.


You were spoilt rotten. All I got for flu was at best some paracetamol tablets and come back in 4 weeks if it has not cleared up. I never took the tablets. Would you like some? Gesundheit.


Ask for soup!


I thought "thoughts and prayers" were reserved for 2nd amendment issues - to preserve the sale of guns. Sorry about your extreme flu. Just been there, too.


heh heh

That's only going to be accurate for female's. A male may actually being able to accomplish something by doing that.


I'm so sorry you've been sick. I think people offer thoughts and prayers as they have no clue of what else to do. It's probably what they're heard all their lives and so often we're just parrots.


I am so sorry to hear this news. I cannot offer much, but my spirit support from here, but I will hold that in my mind. 'Surly nurses' do serve one purpose...they bring out the 'fight' in us, and that is something needed when we face a challege! Best of luck and fastest recovery...


I am sorry to hear you got sick. Get better.


thoughts and prayers are as useless as crossing your fingers. These are the same idiots who offer thoughts and prayers so that they don't actually DO something, kinda like the Trump admin, thoughts and prayers to all the innocent people killed by home grown terrorists, but do nothing to change things.

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