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Which high rate atheist state/country would you love to move to?

By EmeraldJewel7
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Copenhagen was the site of the 1969 sex fair. I have never been there but have been in Stockholm. Beautiful city, except in winter it has the highest rate of suicide in Europe.




I love Canada. Lived just a few minutes walk from Niagara Falls, Ontario. I would want to move there, but if the US goes to hell (like it has been) I would rather be further away. I'm thinking Scandinavia.

Reignmond Level 7 Jan 28, 2018

Denmark, Norway, or Iceland!


I am happy as in New Zealand smile002.gif I could say Iceland, but I am not sure I could cope with the 6months of light and 6 months of dark thing. I would love to visit though.

Sacha Level 7 Jan 28, 2018

Exactly the two countries that I would pick. Maybe a snowbird between the two.

Iceland isn't at the North Pole. Even in winter it gets a few hours of daylight.

@Coffeo A couple of hours is not good enough for me

Think hunting and trapping would be in you future if you went there to live. To boot you would be extra cold because living in a warmer climate. Your blood would be thinner than people that live in a cold climate. It might take a couple of years until your blood got thicker.


I've never lived in a state that was completely pro Atheist, but I would like to find one.

richdust Level 5 Jan 28, 2018

Happy where I am in the UK thanks.


So the countries with highest rate of atheism are: China, Japan, Czech Republic, France, Australia, Norway, and Iceland. I think Australia would be so cool.

I've been to the Czech Republic, Japan, and France. I would love to live in Prague or Paris!

Me too. Let's go!

Funny thing is I used to wish I was Japanese or born over in Japan. Lol but then I get to thinking about all the lives lost to fight for this country so I guess I could grow to like it, despite all the craziness over here.

Sweltering here in Melbourne (Australia) at the moment. But it's not a bad place on the whole.

Of the ones you listed, the Czech Republic has the best beer.


Interestingly Massachusetts, Vermont, New Hampshire and Maine have high rates of atheism in the US, followed by Alaska, Washington, and Oregon. I've lived in Washington state, loved it there but the high cost of living and the lack of sunshine were hard.

even most of the countries with high numbers of atheist are the cold ones. lol whats with that? someone should do a scientific study, does snow cause atheism. lmao

@MichaelSpinler Western Washington has mild winters most of the time. Now the Northeast states, it's bad enough where I live.

Lordy. Them's are really cold places. Not sure I could live in any. My son, an avowed atheist, is planning to add a few to Vermont.

@MichaelSpinler I was precisely thinking "Snow up to your butt hole convinces you there is no God!". I've always lived in New England.

@MichaelSpinler or it could just mean we are secretly cold hearted. Cruel little, baby eating atheist. Hahaha!

yeah hippychic, i have a buddy that just moved to seatle. while it is mild , compared to new england, which i am from, its still not as warm as i like. lol and too funny @ravenct

@Stevil Did he just leave the car there and immediately move? That would be kinda funny. I also can't say I'd blame him.


New Zealand


japan, or denmark


Denmark would be great

Dogpound9 Level 6 Jan 28, 2018

I think Portland has the highest non religious population per capita in the US. Not sure though. I did enjoy my time visiting there.

The problem is for me is the more atheist people around, the more I can't afford to live there lol


Awww... Emerald... I love it here... I'm good for now. ... you see I fought for this country.... I did my part to live here..... i wouldn't measure up someplace else. This is just the way I feel for myself... No one else... just me.


Hmmm most likely Oregon, its beautiful scenery there, if I could afford it some day, Hawaii have no clue on there atheist population tho


Living in Oregon, especially the blue part, it is quite atheist, so will probably stay here. Especially because all of my grand kids, and great grands kids are here. If I were to look at moving to another country, would look at Denmark, Sweden, Finland, and Iceland. Have a lot of scandinavian ancestors.


I live on an island in what is known as the Salish Sea. When we go to the mainland we say we are going to 'America'. In a way I already live in a high rate atheist 'country'.


I woul like to visit Maine, only becuase of the Far Harbour DLC in Fallout 4.




Any of the Scandinavian countries.

gsiamne Level 7 Jan 29, 2018

Canada or Australia

Srijith Level 7 Jan 28, 2018


Alynscott Level 5 Jan 28, 2018


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