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QUESTION Oregon Judge Found ‘Unfit’ After Refusing To Marry Same-Sex Couples

By NerdyOkieDude7
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Good! Get rid of his sorry ass.

kmdskit3 Level 8 Jan 28, 2018

I am gay, and I sure would not want my service conducted by someone that bigoted.
The solution to the whole tedious religious conscience thing seems simple to me:

If a specific action violates a person's religious conviction, then they don't perform that service FOR ANYBODY. You can decide what you do but not for whom. If that service is integral to the job description, then you are not qualified to hold that job.

If the service in question is not a regular part of the job description, but rather just arises incidentally, then a service provider who wishes to decline to perform a service that clients or customers have a right to has a responsibility to arrange replacement service provider for the client. They do not simply get to turn away the person.

Why are these guidelines difficult for people to comprehend? I swear, so much deference is given to religious sensibilities that common sense goes right out the window.

Well said



ThomasG Level 2 Jan 28, 2018


ThomasG Level 2 Jan 28, 2018

Not gone yet, but there's hope.

[] (for this link, which seems to be mangled by this board's platform: [] )


He's unfit for sanitation worker.

@evestrat Thank you and back atcha!!

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