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yes our version : the conservatives disbanded our census for 10 years. our more enlightened current leader reinstated it last year


I agree.

I was an enumerator for Carter and Rowan counties in 2010, when I lived on my family farm near Morehead, KY. The suspicious, crack-shot-with-guns, pot-growing hillbillies housed in tumble-down shacks, often caricatured in comics is real life in those parts. I had already found that any given person of any age, from six years old to grannies in their 80s, had a firearm within ten steps of them at all times, if not on their person, and most places had packs of dogs. All of them were suspicious of anyone "not from around here."

Because I'd lived on my grandfather's farm for the past 27 years and done substitute teaching in both counties, I was able to name drop people they knew and knew how to avoid hordes of barking/snarling dogs by staying in the car and tapping the horn until someone came out, had a 4-wheel drive SUV to reach the remote hillside trailers and shacks, etc. I had a total blast working outdoors, sometimes walking for hours if the road was too primitive for vehicles.

I saw each house number list as a challenge, and soon learned to skip questions on the forms I knew would enrage them. Most were initially suspicious, thinking Census workers were snotty "city folk," but quickly relaxed after I'd dropped a few names of people they knew and told them where I lived. Most people had to pass our farm if they'd driven to Morehead, and some remembered it because I usually had Walking Horses and mules grazing near the road.


Been reading about this. First voter suppression and now miscounting the population. How anti-democratic can Republicans be?


No surprise. The Trump administration should be labeled the" numb 'em with incessant insanity, then dumb 'em down" chaotic White House"


Jeebus Christopher. Hope that don't muck that up. I was an Enumerator in 2000, it was kinda cool.

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