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Beto O'Rourke and the Persistence of Hope

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What amazes me is the numbers in recent polls here in Pennsylvania, of people who 5 days away from voting, are undecided. For our Senator and governor they were over 10%. At least in the Beto/Cruz poll it was only 2% in the poll I saw. What do these people do, get in the voting booth and flip a coin? The candidates and their positions are so diometrically opposed, with very little middle ground, how can you not take a side?


Don Jr is stumping for Cruz spewing his hate. Beto has got to take this. We need him!!


I hope beto wins. I also hope that claire mccaskill wins as well


I would hope that even in Texas there are enough common sense folks that can see through politics and what their pastors are telling them and vote for a guy that says what he believes in rather than what he thinks they want to hear.

gearl Level 7 Oct 4, 2018

I discovered I left out the reference source to the article. Just added it.


I hope Beto wins. Texas is trending purple. ?

Judging by the signs around town, Beto will win big.

@EdEarl It is the same around here.

@Sticks48 Yet, the pundits say it is a close race.

@EdEarl l know. There are alot of new folks regisregistered to vote. We will see.

I'm in Texas, going to vote for him!

@MichelleGar1 l know you are and thought you would. ?

@MichelleGar1, @Sticks48 I'd think most of our Texas members would vote for Beto.

@EdEarl Ditto.


Very good article and it is hopeful that he has advanced so far in Texass. Cruz is said to be the most hated person in congress and perhaps the people are also getting tired of his bellicosity.

Some things jumped out at me: ”…leaders who speak to the generous people we can be and, when we are, make us feel better about ourselves and our country.”. This should and must not be about emotions. Human feelings are what got us into this mess in the first place. It must be about pragmatics and what will work to sustain all the life forms on this planet. When Hillary touched on the subject of ‘an open boarder’ I actually cringed. The ”impassioned defense of the right to protest” brought me to an item I just read yesterday in the “Atlantic” ” The Man who raised a fist, 50 years later” [] read it. This right is not easy or guaranteed and takes many forms. I have been castigated here for being too up front with my belief in the importance of critical thinking, even when it becomes negative.

I agree we need to defeat the real villains in power today. However, we also need to face facts and not let our desire to balance politics mean we need to swing far to the left. I recently commented on something I heard: When ideology and reality collide it is ideology that gets wrecked.


This person has my vote.

If I ever move to Texas. ?

I'm in Texas! Going to vote for him!

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