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SCIENCE Humor......

By BeeHappy9
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Charlene Level 9 Feb 10, 2018

New entries

JeffLemar Level 5 Jan 31, 2018

Love it! smile001.gif Hahaha...


I really did LOL!! Damn Newton! I'd love to be able to fly anytime I wanted to. OMG, imagine floating kitties!



Good 'uns!


Thanks for my daily dose of laughter!

Nena Level 6 Jan 29, 2018

You're very welcome! smile001.gif




wasn't the first racially bias? not that is less funny but... maybe I prefer if he would had said... "white men can't jump".

Sorry, I should know better. You are correct.

I removed it. Thank you for bringing it to my attention.

@BeeHappy Hey we should be able to discuss everything right? I didn't meant to be offended... I wasn't, and sure I consider you a friend in this venue so didn't wanted to make you feel uncomfortable, if I did... I apologize, it just jumped at me right away. You are good. A friend will watch a friend's back right?

Absolutely! I appreciate it. When I first read it, I questioned whether to use it but lost that thought when looking for others to post. It's not a good excuse but the only one I've got. Lol. We have to hold each other accountable when we stray. No hard feelings, only appreciation friend.

@BeeHappy Not a bad joke. But we both know... You Good.


Where do you find all this stuff? I like it.

wordywalt Level 8 Jan 29, 2018

On a FB site.


Shoes took the prize.


Idiots will believe Stonehenge lies above


Lmfao round sole theory.

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