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One of the most comical things about the believers in some omnipotent "god", is that they claim that this "god" is so powerful, that it can create the whole universe, the world itself, and all the animals including humans on it, but cannot even stand up for itself against those who criticize or disbelieve in it, and has to have puny little humans to defend it . . . . Which would likely be a huge insult to this putative entity, if it really did exist; this makes those who claim to support this fake entity look altogether comically foolish.

Archeus_Lore 7 Jan 29

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Wow that was a beautiful paragraph and was honestly true and hell i can't even think of a title for that! Great!!


God did not rest on the seventh day. He took the earth, universe and all his creation to show to an even higher power. The higher power looked at gods works and said " You expect to get a Phd for this? "


So, this god also has time to pick on humans, like Job. Force march an entire people through the desert for 40 years, like the Hebrews. Flood the earth for forty days, like Noah. And invented a serpent to temp Adam and Eve, upon which he throws them out of a garden. What a great god. And we still have to pray out loud so he can hear us even though he knows everything already?
Holy crap!!!!


Apologetics- When minons have to defend a god that is hiding in the closet.... I liked that one, I think I will use it again.


Yep.... we're the offspring of stupidity. Can't blame them though. Not being able to understand earthquakes and tornadoes and high water tearing through their huts. Im Just glad im living in the now.


...I always hear a lot...'he is a jealeous GOD,' that one I can never figure out! Yes, this is a GOD, created in the image and likeness of MAN! He is limited by this definition!


Wonder which one of them would admit to watching it be created.


I've been waiting for those bolts of lightning a loooong time now...perhaps I need to bad mouth Thor a little more.

Tell him his momma was just a demigod!

HEY THOR!!! Yo momma wuz a...CRACK!!! random sizzling sounds

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