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Some people say that practicing gratitude is good for your health. Please share your daily dose of "I'm grateful for..."

RoadGoddess 7 Jan 29

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I am most grateful for still being alive..I beat stage 3 throat cancer...

Oh wow! I second that motion. Grateful that you beat stage 3 throat cancer!!!

Wow!! Way to go!!

Thanks..honestly 2/3rd of it is lost from in gone..

@HippieChick58 thanks HippieChick..I had an awesome team of doctors and techs behind me, they were a big part of it..

@RoadGoddess My pleasure..Cancer is one of the most frightening diagnoses to hear..I went through 7 weeks of radiation & 3 rounds of wasn't an ordeal I'd recommend.


Outspoken gratitude could be bragging....ill try not to.

  1. My kids
  2. My wife
  3. My dogs
  4. My friends
  5. Ok.... let's sum it up. I'm grateful for everything in my life and worked to accomplish.. ta da!

I've reached the point where I am grateful for regularity, getting my underwear on the right way, and fo the Oxford comma.

I second the Oxford comma!

I vote we table the Oxford comma. Forever!


I am grateful for:

  1. Kitties
  2. Children doing well. One of my kids texted me while I was at work to make sure I was OK after my fall on Friday.
  3. I still have a job, and my job has good health benefits.
  4. Friends, especially the fine people here
  5. My snug home
  6. No long term damage from my close encounter with the concrete on Friday.
    7; That I live when I do, and pretty much where I do. (I love history but life was hard way back then and the US ain't great anymore but there are worse places.)
  7. Maybe most of all, I'm grateful that I'm still here. My mom died at 45. I just turned 60. My mom never got to see her grandchildren or grow old with my dad, or any of those things that are the rewards of being a mom/wife. My kids never got to know my mom and she would have been the perfect Grammy.

When I'm feeling down, I always stop and make a mental gratitude list. I always start with oxygen, and go from there.


I'm grateful for (extra points right?) 🙂

jeffy Level 7 Jan 30, 2018



I am grateful to have been able to travel and see as much of the world as I have. I am grateful to have had the most wonderful travel buddy to accompany me on twenty-one years' worth of those trips, taken from me way too soon. I am grateful to be the human companion of the greatest dog in the world.


Everyday I am grateful on awakening that I still remember my name.
I suspect that the day I don't will be the day I don't sign in on here.


I'm blessed with three great kids, I have a job that I love, and I'm able to fun things every week.


I don’t have a consistent thing I’m thankful for. The other week it wasn’t having to walk a1/2 mile in the bitter cold, Saturday I was thankful for the chance to spend time with a very good friend, yesterday after a dreary, rainy day the sun broke for a beautiful sunset.

CS60 Level 7 Jan 29, 2018

Stealing a few.

Marx Brothers movies
Fred Astaire
My parents for believing in me when my grades didn't always show promise
Finding out I was worthy
Good memories


I'm grateful for awareness, reason. Fleeting blessings that we have in the here-and-now, but accessible in every moment of wakefulness.


Other than my retirement account, ( & Time!)I stopped worrying about what I don't have many years ago. I was never over the top materialistic anyway .

If anything better use of my time makes me happy. Therefore I am.

twill Level 7 Jan 30, 2018

Clean socks. Being ex-infantry can alter your priorities. Seriously, clean socks imply having water, time, and an absence of threats needed to make them clean. Plus the sheer sybaritic pleasure of wearing a clean pair every day.

I keep small bags in my car to hand off to those with signs along the road. My bags have some disposable personal cleansing cloths, a mylar space blanket, clean sox, and $5. I read that clean sox are especially valued among the housing uncertain population.


I am grateful for good beer.


Hung out within my daughter, her husband, and some of their friends yesterday. Had a really nice time. I'm grateful every day for a daughter who loves her old man. And my dogs (added later).

Having grown up kids is wonderful!

@HippieChick58 especially when you can feel they appreciate you and like having you in their life. Yep, nothing like it, it's truly gratifying.

@Condor5 YESSSSS! Makes me so glad I didn't drown them when they were teenagers.

@HippieChick58 LOL!


My kids, my friends, and those times when my ex is too busy to text me


Until I read Charlene's post, I was pretty sure I was an ingrate. Couldn't come up with a thing that I am 'grateful' for. I do appreciate a lot though. Yeah, I appreciate a lot, grateful for nothing (well, almost). That's how I roll...hehe


I'm grateful for women and lgbtq that actually know what faction is against them as equals. And then tell others at the woman's march wich women are pretending to be progressive and for truth but have loyalty to an abusive fictional character made for pleb management.


My health
My kids
My freedom from religion


I think that having a positive attitude on most things is good for your health. I'm on this side of the dirt, so all is good! 🙂


I'm grateful for second chances... and third, and fourth, and fifth... for kindness and compassion, and being able to forgive myself and heal the past.


So many reasons to show gratitude in the Spiritual side (if you don't like my use of the word spirit, OK). And in the material side, checks nr 2 and 3 are posted tomorrow. I have to live today to see tomorrow. You know what I mean?


Hot coffee, dogs, and things I have to do today.

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