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Something I've thought for a while now.

psycheworks 8 Jan 29

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There are objections to this theory, of course:

In this article, scientists object to the theory because it would take too much computer power to simulate our universe. Link: Scientists (kinda) disprove theory that we’re all just living inside a computer simulation []

In this article, people argue that calling our reality a simulation necessitates a higher level unlike ourselves, that is more "real" than we are, generating it. Link: Elon Musk Is Wrong. We Aren't Living in a Simulation [] via @motherboard


There is a part in hitchhikers guide where Arthur Dent finds out that earth is a giant bio computer and says that he has always had the feeling that he was part of some matrix. Then Ford Prefect tells him that that`s just paranoia, common to most of the galaxy. Firstly, we have to go back to Descarte " I think therefore I am ". If we are part of a matrix what of our thoughts? The ones we have before we act, type or move. Secondly, the idea of a game programer/s is too close to a god for my liking. Third, the buddhist concept of the world as an illusion is not something that I can take. It would mean that the bombs the fell on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, the holocaust and 9/11 did not really happen. That is something I personally cannot agree with.


If that were to be the case, I would seriously want to wrap my hands around the programmer's neck and squeeze until his/her eyes popped out.

haha I know that feeling


Wonder why this is just being exploited now this theory has been around many years.


Now that was a fun and stimulating read. Thank You.

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