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Has anybody taken out anybody from here?

Anybody gone out on a date with members of this forum? How did it turn out?

BucketlistBob 8 Jan 30

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I started chatting with someone from this site, but never met in person. He wanted to, but after talking on the phone, there were some big red flags, particularly when he asked me “how many DUI’s” I had, since he had one. At least one that he admitted to.
Ummm...I’ve had none. Are there really people who think that’s a normal thing that everyone has? Yikes.

Younger guys might. I've never asked that...

I sold auto insurance a couple of years ago with a company that sold in over 40 states, apparently DUIs are almost a right of passage in certain parts of the country (The South). It is truly pathetic. I had to quit that job.

I can assure you he’s just irresponsible and awkward, I only know a few young men with DUI’s, and for the record, I’m not one of them... then again, I don’t even know how to use Twitter so..

No he is the same age as me. 48. @BucketlistBob

@Funandfondles he’s the same age as me. Not a young guy. Just a huge red flag.

@LucifersPen that’s crazy. People are so stupid.

@SkyCake70. He may lack the knowledge acceptable talk. Not everybody has great communication skills or they just lack the experience to chat..

@BucketlistBob he asked me this in a telephone conversation. We spoke for about 2 hours. He spoke fine. He just assumes that a DUI is something everyone has, I guess. Not me. Not ever. He seemed genuinely shocked that I had no criminal record. Major red flag.

@SkyCake70. Runnnnn.......

@Peterisin nope. Never even had a parking ticket.

@BucketlistBob oh believe me... Blocked and deleted him everywhere. I don’t need that kind of crazy in my life.


Like, killed? no....dated?

You must list all your skills in the BIO. If you are a contractor... I need to know. I make enemies easy.


Ah, and all this time I thought you were a pussycat. 😛

@Betty that's my "cover" you blowing!!!!



@Betty good kitten.



@Betty Off the hook!!!!!!!!

Ha ha ha that's funny ? ..... and creppy ??


I thought you meant killed someone on here? No to both.

Hmmmm..... nooo ..... dated..... lol?

Okay. Lol.

You got me. LOL, I had to look at his question again before I understood your comment. 😛


Yes and with a silenced 9mm



no just an indecent proposal...

amazing how some think that your trash just because you happen to be Gay.....


I went out with a gentleman 3 times after meeting him on this site. He was a very nice man, but we didn't have a whole lot in common, except for being atheists.

Very cool that you at least met somebody. Were you able to remain cordial after your short love affair? 🙂


I have a pen pal of sorts that Iv been messaging from here. It’s nice to have made a friend, even if I may never see them.


I got messaged by a likely scammer, he is no longer on here.


Seems like there aren't enough people here yet to actually be able to match people from this website, but at least the conversation is great, LOL!

When I get back to the US (from Thailand), I plan to resume my favorite activities..ballroom dancing, hiking the wooded hills for bird photography, joining former bird groups still active in the Lexington, KY, area. I usually meet men of similar interests at these groups, and Lexington is urban enough that religion isn't a problem.


I think in this situation it is better to develop friend and see if things move forward. lots of smart people here and some are smart crazy and some are foxish smart.

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