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Travel destinations

Where have you vacationed/visited? Favorite/Least Favorite place? Why?

Crimson67 8 Jan 31

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You're not with the NSA or Customs, right?

London: My first times abroad, twice for work, handcuffed to colleagues. I jogged at night to see the city, so none of my photos came out. A third time w/ now spouse, staying at an Edwardian mansion with an Irish maid, where I learned that seeing museum period rooms is better than BEING in a period room, where there's not only a brandy bar but a silk couch to absorb said brandy.

Paris: 2 weeks w/ a gf. The most romantic trip, including our being stranded from NYC during 9/11. French service warmed from snooty to gracious. 9/11's a warm fuzzy memory for me, but of course we missed home badly at the time. We doubled our hotel bill trying to call/email home.

Amsterdam: 3 days w/ above gf when we got cabin fever stuck in Paris. Magnificent art and many herring sandwiches. Our only drug was Sudafed; and the red-light district, semi-segregated by race, was depressing.

Buenos Aires: 2 weeks w/ the gf I almost married. She enjoyed the group tour more. I enjoyed our roughing-it days before and after the group tour. Except the day she joined the tour for a day trip, and I jogged to a restaurant and had an entire "baby beef" (a photo below) and bottle of wine to myself.

Rio: Second leg of that S. America trip. Magnificent architecture, but we didn't like the meals' ubiquitous palm oil. Gf refused to let me explore a favela, the first time I began being drawn to jog from the tourist centers and poke around where people actually live, whether I'm welcome or not.

Cancun: First vacay w/ lovely now spouse, at an all-inclusive child-free luxurious hotel, plus day trips for snorkling and archeology. We failed to explore Cancun City away from the resorts, thanks to gf's bad foot.

Istanbul: Two full weeks w/ now spouse; we prefer digging in deep in a single city. The most exotic for us. Astounding food, history, art, landmarks. Best hospitality. Mornings I jogged across the river to the oldest residential nabes.

Rome: Worst hospitality; we had to research every step to insure good choices. Great restaurants when we weren't lazy; extraordinary history. Mornings I jogged across the river to the oldest residential nabes.

Barcelona and Madrid: Honeymoon, but we liked least Spain, with its oiliest (olive, this time) and latest dinners. And both cities were barely friendlier to tourists than Rome. We worked hard to find Catalonian emphasis in Barcelona, especially in art; I could imagine going native there.

Japan: Three weeks, half in Osaka where lovely spouse had a solo art show, then a textile-art tour across the country. The best, most alien, and most immersive trip. She's been back once for work, and we want to go back again. I actually mastered the trains, though twice they made me cry.

Danube and Munich: River cruise with her wonderful parents. But WORST trip because we almost killed one another when a thousand-year flood (if the GIF works, the second photo should show a city drowning right after we left it) trapped our boat. Many fairytale castles/abbeys/towns, but we ended up being rushed around by bus while locals suffered around us. Spouse and I took off for a final three, sunny, museum-and-restaurant-enriched recuperation in Munich.

No vacations for over four years now, thanks to a couple of family cancers and also home selling/buying/renovating. I'm eager to read where others here have been.

BTW, before I traveled to some of those cities, I found local atheist and also expat forums and, using Google Translate if necessary, introduced myself and asked for tips. I learned a lot about local issues, how to save money, and what days religious festivals might ruin some of our plans. Those forum people were very always welcoming.

Nope, the GIF didn't work; try clicking on this: []

@josh_karpf Quite a flood. Upto Australian standards!


I went to India for a month about 2 years ago. I LOVED it. I'd go back tomorrow if I could. It's a huge country and the people I met were so friendly and welcoming. The food was great. One of the highlights of the trip was bumping into the Dalai Lama as he was having a walk outside his temple in Daramasala.
Also because I was stressing about taking an instrument all that way and worried about getting it stolen or broken. I bought a cheap Β£15 ($20?) Ukulele tuned it like my banjo and ended up playing tunes to lots of Indian people.
Cultural imperialism at its best πŸ˜‰


Currently vacationing out west.

Having a good time thanks @witchymom


I've traveled almost not at all but I want to. Traveling by myself is a personal challenge I hope to make a reality. I'm thinking Japan. For a number of reasons with one being I'd be huge in Japan.

I'm going to Japan in about a month!


EUROPE : England, Scotland, Germany, Switzerland Austria, Italy
Asia: Japan and Viet Nam
Canada & Mexico
All over the US of A, including Alaska and Hawaii.

I love traveling. They are all my favorites. I have lived in Europe for 18 months and got a really good look at Germany. Plan on going back in 2019.

I have been to Italy three times but it's never enough.


Wauw, your'e asking a lot. I have been in several European cities, most vacations were to former Yugoslavia having nude camping vacations. But, not nude, I visited Munich, Paris, London, Amsterdam (of course), Cologne, several other German and French locations, Geneva, Vienna, Salzburg, Barcelona, too many to mention. I do like London and Paris a lot. Just for the feeling. Vienna too, but that is so exorbitant rich and a show of abuse of the poor, that I hardly can enjoy it.
I hope that is enough for now.

Gert Level 7 Jan 31, 2018

How could I forget about Miami, especially for Haulover Beach!

@josh_karpf Oh yea, Miami and the Keys were very nice too, and New York, and Washington, and Phoenix Arizona and the Grand Canyon, and Charleston, and Savannah. America has some beautiful places too πŸ™‚.


Not enough places! Canada, USA, Fiji, Rarotonga, Samoa, Australia x3, Indonesia x5, Malaysia, Japan, Thailand, Singapore x2, UAE, Egypt x6, Greece, Turkey. My favourites are Greece Egypt and Indonesia. My least favourite was Toledo Ohio, that was kinda boring, maybe I wasn't going to the right places?

Sacha Level 7 Jan 31, 2018

I would love to see Spain too! I would love to do Portugal and Spain at once! wow wow! Greece is stunning, especially the Greek Island, travel tip.. take the ferry from Athen that goes around all the islands so you can spend as much time as you like, don't take a cruise.

@witchymom I believe being gay is illegal too, but gays still go there, so do atheists, they are not going to give you bible verses to quote when you enter the country. Anyway it is their lose already with a huge down turn in tourism since their revolution a few years ago, this will not make it any better, possibly worse. My friends in the tourism industry over there, tour guides, have had to leave Egypt to look for work, one now lives in Oman and the other now lives in Kuwait. So Egypt are not doing themselves any favours. Its already that bad.

@witchymom I was in Egypt in the early 1980s. It was an experience of a lifetime. I'd be too terrified to go back now. Being American certainly doesn't help much outside of America. For that matter, does it help much here either. . . . Anyway. I lived in England for several years and ADORED the place. South Wales is also very dear to my heart. I need to win the lottery and move to the UK indefinitely (I hear gaining citizenship is hard).

@Sacha or the right company?


Well, I'm no longer welcome in Canada, long story. So I would rank that as my #1 bad vacation destination. I really like Arizona.

Ah! I have a friend who was denied entry into Canada, because (according to him) he had pink hair and too much stuff in his car (I guess they thought he was going to stay LOL).

I encited a riot in Halifax, Nova Scotia. 4 cop cars were destroyed. I got deported. Fuck Canada.

@orange_girl Stuff as in illegal narcotics?

@FrayedBear Oh, no. He doesn't do drugs. He's just a pack rat. LOL

@jayneonacobb LOL. Canadians rioting - isnt that an oxymoron?

I'm American, we cause shit every where we go. It was an accident though. Wrong place, wrong time.


Hawaii,Sicily, Mexico,Jamaica,Puerto Rico and its Island of Calibra,Bermuda,Dominican Republic,Costa Rica,Canada,San Francisco,Lake Tahoe ,Idaho,Las Vegas,Grand Canyon,Yellowstone National Park,Arizona, Wyoming,Utah,Florida Keys, Everglades National park, Virginia ,New Hampshire,Nantucket ,Vermont ,Washington DC,Pennsylvania,Chicago,Indiana,Cicily was one of my favorites because my family comes from there .

@witchymom if you go to Hawaii go to the island of maui its so much better than the main land tourist area


The Philippines is amazing, Mexico and Japan are cool. I dig LA and Vegas for the legal weed (and other reasons). Chicago was alright, maybe better if we weren’t walking through the hood. The trains are cool, though. We have plans to visit Newark in about 4 months. Maybe New York, too.


least favorite place was brazil...
i have vacationed in Canada, Mexico, Jamaica, Paris, Amsterdam, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Morocco, india, Saudi Arabia, Dubai, most of the USA states

@twshield Why Brazil?

i forgot china, and the Philippines

@FrayedBear i didn't enjoy it there at all and have no plans to ever return.. hope i don't offend anyone

@twshield Im merely curious as to why. I have a very low opinion of Queensland because of several ugly incidents and so simply do not go there. Not my loss.

@FrayedBear at the risk of insulting someone i just found the country in general to be garbage.. the people were nice though

@FrayedBear i doubt it. i plan to vacation there soon.


England was fabulous. I loved Seattle. Goshm I've been to too many places to choose from.


My favorites are London, Paris, Berlin, Washington D.C., and Prague. I also liked Kyoto and Toronto.

I forgot to add why . . . I love people watching and touring art museums and old buildings. I loved people watching in London. I found the people I met in Berlin to be lovely. I saw a wedding party in Kyoto during the cherry blossom season that was breath-taking.

Oh, I also loved Haworth in the Midlands where the Bronte sisters lived. There is a small museum there that I really enjoyed.

I've always wanted to go to Prague. I've heard the beer is good and cheap!

I'm going to Kyoto and Tokyo in about a month. I can't friggin' wait...

@Chephren It's funny, because I really don't like beer (at all), but the beer I tried wasn't bad! A few months before you go to Prague, make sure you can walk up and down hills (it's worse than San Francisco!!!). Seriously, I was not prepared.

Kyoto is quite lovely. I went into a temple there. I think it's really cool that people do a little clap to get Buddha's attention and then another little clap when they're done. I ate at an Ethiopian restaurant that was amazing (sorry I don't remember the name). Safe travels and please send us an update when you return.


Here and there, but mostly the US. My favorite place so far is either Bend, Oregon (Portland is pretty awesome too) or the Ring of Kerry in Ireland. These areas are just gorgeous. I say Bend because my partner and I went hiking nearby at Lake Todd and it was probably the best hike we've ever gone on.

Least favorite...hmmm. Probably South Plainfield, NJ. I've been there a few times and have had subpar food, beer, and interactions with people. I don't understand how a place can have so many massage parlors.

I went to Bend Oregon, it was so pretty! πŸ™‚

Massage parlours? Is that real massage or a euphenism for brothel?

@FrayedBear My guess is either brothel or the "happy ending' parlors. They were super seedy lookin'.

Were there any women in the town?
Did you question/examine the women to find out if the are only having intercourse with god, not indulging because of an STD epidemic?
All the local men are lousy lovers/ sadists/ infected?

Sorry I can't take your conclusion seriously without further data. πŸ™‚


My favourite place is a tiny village in Le Marche, Italy, where I have a small house.


I'm going to Wacken Germany this summer and I can't wait!!


Crete. Greece. City of Chania was my playground but I will drive for 2 hours to a village called Malia. As you go thru the village there is one street you need to turn into or you miss all the action. Ratio women to men was at least 8 to 1. How many americans? Just you and your boys since the Air Force left the Heraklion base. Women were ruthless, they look at you twice... you don't make your move, they don't have time for you to figure things out... they will move to the next target. Remember those women were on their Holidays looking for Brown Eyes.... blue, green, gray they had at home. You were the Exotic and the prey. Best year of my life... and the year for which all other years will be measured by, until the witness to my life appears and wipe this grin of my face. Least favorite is not even registered because I been to paradise.


In the US, have been to 49 states (only missing Florida). Canada, Iceland, Norway, Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Estonia, Spain, Portugal, Italy, France, British Isles - Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland, England. Ireland, Poland, Germany, Netherlands, Mexico, Eritrea, Saudi Arabia, Crete, Turkey. Austria, Vatican.
Favorite places - they all had some good points. Places we talk about going back to are Aero, Denmark, and Crete. Loved the Scottish isles last summer, Shetlands, Orkney, Harris, Lewis, Skye, Mull, Iona. Next trip may include Berlin, Vienna, Prague, and Budapest.


Oh crap... that's a list. Ok here goes it.

  1. Tennessee
  2. Florida
  3. Cancun
    4 Jamaica
    5 Bahamas
  4. Arkansas

My parents took me to Canada about 4 yo
I went to Mexico with Spanish Class in HS

I grew up vacationing on a lake just North of Madison, WI [every weekend forever]
I moved to Seattle for a 9 year vacation and ended out here for my final retirement...

Chicago was tense...


According to people who know me, they say my life has been one long series of paid vacations. I think they are pretty close to right.


Haven't had much opportunity to travel but I do love California where I have relatives living.


Been to all 50 states, 8 times to Hawaii, 8 times to Alaska, Most of the provinces in Canada, Haiti, Trinidad, Antigua, and the Philippines


My parents went to the English Lake District for about 50 years starting with their honeymoon. The Lake District is in about a fifty mile radius circle just south of the border with Scotland. It is a wonderful area of very low mountains that have been shaped by glaciers and river erosion leaving valleys and lakes. Despite travelling to different places, at one time on a weekly day trip basis, and extensively walking the country, after 50 years there were still many places that they had never visited.

I once talked with a 40-ish year old woman who had just returned from a trip back to her birthplace in Devon, England. There she encountered a primary school classmate who had never left apart from 3 years to study to be an optician at the university 50 miles away and to holiday with his family by the seaside in a resort 25 miles away. She was beside herself with disgust and denigration of the fellow for never having travelled. After I suggested that some people travelled inside themselves and became content and fulfilled with what they saw internally they did not need to scurry around the world searching for something to make them complete. I don't think she spoke to me again ... not that I cared.


I went to Hawaii in 1999. That's about it for formal vacations.

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