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What kind of bad manners does your pet have?

My cat won't leave me alone every time I eat in front of him. He also plays in his water dish and then goes in his litter box and get litter stuck all over his paws. I am constantly having to give him a bath. What funny, annoying, rude things do your pets do?

By Smackme5
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Rustydog.gif- goes in the litter box and eats the Cat Do Do
Bites you when you leave the house

Leon(cat) -Pukes every morning
torments the other dogs

Zoeydog.gif - no bad manners

Brodydog.gif- loses his mind when in proximity to a squirrel

Corvus Level 6 Feb 2, 2018

@Corvus The kitty litter box is actually the buffet table for some dogs. Had one like that then wanted to kiss me!


My cat likes to grab and stash me and my roommate's dirty (and occasionally clean) laundry in his catbox for safekeeping. I think he's just spiteful because he never gets a sweater for Xmas...


Vinci, bark in peace... used to sneeze at you when mad at you.


Missy Girl is food OBSESSED! Loves avocado, ketchup, margerine, salad dressing (even ones with vinegar in it), all meats, etc. Sometimes she has to be shut up in the bedroom just so you can eat in peace. She also is constantly underfoot and likes to run up walls to balance on top of doors. Romeo is the sweetest cat ever. Looks up at you with affection (at least that's what I see) and will meow silently. Yes he looks at you and opens his mouth without making a sound. #1 is Romeo riding the exercise bike with the ex and #2 is Missy mischievous.

kmdskit3 Level 8 Feb 1, 2018

Farting but they can't help that.


During my lunchbreak at work, I eat my lunch in my jeep. My Maggie (appears to be a Border Collie x German Shorthair Pointer) sits behind me. Every once in a while, she puts her paw on my shoulder and whines. She gets way more people food than she probably should.

Susan1266 Level 3 Jan 31, 2018

My standard poodle stands up and leans on you to beg for food at the table. Sometimes she does that to guests. She is j-u-s-t tall enough to surf tables and counters, and will happily steal unguarded food. I can't break her from stealing food, because the risk-reward equation always results in a pay off.

She will hit you with her paw until she gets attention. The last poodle did that too, but was much better behaved around food.

My son and I learned the hard way to keep a watch on our food. When I first got Delila we ordered pizza. I put the pizza on the counter to get drinks, and when I turned around Delila was pulling one off the table.


I have two cats, Xena is almost 2, Zelda is about 7 months. The I've had Xena almost a year and Zelda for about 3 weeks. They're still working things out between them. They both are on the counters and tables far more often than I'd like. The baby likes to carry pencils around and play with them. They both knock stuff over and off tables. Zelda is much more "in your face" than Xena, but both of them like to be wherever I am. They both love little balls of paper. I wad up receipts and toss them, and they play for hours. They have also distributed my earring pretty much throughout my house. I may never be able to pair all of them back up. If I wore them more often I'd probably mind it, but it was probably time to cull them out anyway. The worst thing is Zelda playing with hanging things. My cuckoo clock gets stopped every day, the shower curtain rod has been moved, and pull cords for blinds have been attacked. What was I thinking getting a kitten, but I love my little tornado.


Zelda, she's hard to get pictures of, keeps freaking moving! smile001.gif

@HippieChick58 I love gingers and tabbies! Such beautiful cats . . . and I love their names. smile009.gif

@orange_girl Thank you! I wanted unusual and powerful.

Aren't they wonderful? And you must be glad they stopped that awful cuckoo clock (I would be).

@Coffeo I love my cuckoo! I usually don't hear it unless it is running slow or fast. I used to have two cuckoo clocks and a Grandfather clock from the Black forest. The oldest has the GF Clock, though it needs work. The youngest has the other cuckoo, it needs work and her husband wanted to tinker with it. All my clocks came from Germany.


Big fat lap dog

Kojaksmom Level 8 Jan 31, 2018

My pet has the horrible habit of not existing.

icolan Level 7 Jan 31, 2018

that is so sad.

Not really, I am allergic to cats, and I live in a 5th floor 600sqft apartment in the middle of a city. We do have many parks but I don't want to have to deal with walking a dog.

@icolan I hear ya. Dogs are fabulous if you have a yard and the time for them. I don't have a dog because my yard is not fenced and I'm frequently out of the house for 12 hours or more. Not good for a dog. The cats are good with dry food, fresh water, and a sorta clean litter box. My cat allergies are under control. I am considering a small dog after I retire but that is still a few years off.


My Delila like to play catch but never returns the ball. I have to chase her to get it back.

kiramea Level 7 Jan 31, 2018

She likes to pee horizontally. This forces us to buy one of those covered litter boxes. That forces her to turn around in the box. That forces me to pet what I know, even though I can't see or smell it, is a pee-covered, but otherwise loveable, cat.


Both of our dogs will burp in your face. The little shits.

Paul628 Level 8 Jan 31, 2018

My dog farts, in my room, a lot. Our Kat is so pushy, she hates closed doors and will scratch and bang at them, open the door, she goes looking for another closed door. She also demands attention when I am on the computer. Sits on keyboard and sticks her face in mine.

Rugglesby Level 8 Jan 31, 2018

That's what cats are supposed to do!


To be blunt, he bites me in the ass! Seriously, it annoys me beyond belief. He will often lunge at me "from afar" and attack when I go to the kitchen without giving him a snack or meal (I'm constantly reminding him that he's "not a Hobbit" and does not get a "second breakfast." ) If he weren't so cute . . . .

@Smackme What's your cat's name? Mine is "Bug" (and it's apt). LOL Oh, and he has pica, so he eats paper and plastic, AND he chews on cords, books, laptops . . . . He's possessed. It doesn't help that he's smart and polydactyl. I wouldn't be surprised if he starting stealing checks out of my checkbook.

@Smackme I'm trying not to laugh at Fritz's misfortune. Well, you calling him a "little bastard" did make me laugh out loud, because that is what I call Bug on a daily basis. smile001.gif

@Smackme I was just thinking of the time I bought a cat harness off Etsy, because I wanted to take Bug for a walk. It didn't go so well. He threw himself on the floor and refused to move.

@Smackme If I ever do get another kitty, I'll most certainly do this!

@Smackme I actually chose him, because he was the age I wanted (not too young) and he has spots AND stripes. I should have known he was trouble, because when I walked into the "orphanage" and asked to see him (the shelter puts videos up online), the women at the counter laughed and when they took him out to take him to the visitor room, he did a runner. LOL That's my guy.


My bird calls all women "bitch" he picked it up from game of thrones. He also likes to ask "is daddy a good bird?" Then answers with a resounding "NO!" That's his way of asking for a treat. He's a dick. Lol

What kind of bird do you have?

Fischers lovebird, he's a rare one. Most can't talk


We have a relatively new rescue dog that is 11 years old and has arthritis to the point that it is a significant effort for him to go outside for his duty. He wants to be a good boy but especially when it's cold outside, life is difficult for him.
The way we look at it, this is one of those things we all go through -- our turns will come. Lol.

RichCC Level 7 Jan 31, 2018

You are incredibly special to adopt a senior dog. Especially one with age issues. If I believed in blessings, I'd be throwing some at you. I have tremendous respect for what you're doing. That is one lucky pup. Good on ya!


None. She is perfect in every way.

KKGator Level 9 Jan 31, 2018

So...sounds like your cat has you trained. Does he cover his poop with kitty litter or leave it exposed. Don't know if it's true, but uncovered litter indicates that he feels that he is the boss. heh heh

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