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Frittata with Spinach, Mushrooms and New Red Potatoes

Today I made a Frittata with fresh spinach, two kinds of mushrooms, new red potatoes, garlic and green onions. I added grated, sharp cheddar and crumbled feta cheese.

First, I sauteed finely chopped garlic, and set it aside. Then sauteed chopped mushrooms and potatoes. Add 1/4 cup water and simmer, covered, for 12 minutes. Uncover to let the water boil off.

Meanwhile, beat six eggs with cheese, green onions and a little water, salt, pepper, and dried Italian parsley (that I grew in pots.) Turn down the heat to low/medium.

Stir garlic into mushrooms and potatoes. Spread vegetables evenly. Top with a layer of fresh, chopped spinach.

Pour the egg/cheese evenly over the vegetables. Cook on low until the edges are firm. Occasionally tilt the pan to let liquids run to the edges.

Preheat broiler. Broil until the frittata is puffy and slightly golden. Watch it carefully! Eggs cook quickly under a broiler.

Spinach has an affinity with potatoes and eggs. The result is a cross between a souffle' and an Italian frittata. Delicious!

LiterateHiker 9 Oct 24

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Eggs are one of my favorite foods! Looks delicious!


Sounds incredible!!!

Btbd Level 7 Oct 24, 2018

Looks almost like Paella(sp)?


Sounds great and looks great! Food teaser! πŸ™‚


I'm such a weakling for foods.


Ooooooooh!!!!! That looks delish. Too bad I can't eat it. 😟


How many are you feeding with this recipe? There is just me and the kitties here, and though I think the kitties would eat some of it if I let them (one of the cats has absconded with a peanut butter sandwich so she is not a picky eater) I'm not sure they would eat much of it, or if they should eat much of it. And I don't think frittata would reheat well.


Frittata reheats nicely in the microwave. I live alone. I get five or six meals from:

6 eggs
6 mushrooms
Two handfuls of spinach
2 cloves garlic
1/3 cup cheese: sharp cheddar and feta.
Three green onions

Add a green salad, and I'm happy.

@LiterateHiker I may have to try that, especially with the asparagus πŸ™‚


Good job you don’t live in my neighborhood, or I would invite myself over for dinner! Looks delish?


What's wrong with the existing red potatoes? Huh? Huh? We are tired of being ignored. You cougars are always going for the younger potatoes, and we are sick of it. O.K., so we may not be as firm as the NEW guys, but we have experience and tenderness.


The Great Comedian strikes again! Love your sense of humor.

@LiterateHiker As usual, you wummins love me just me for my brains, not for my legs. No respect.


Snicker. Great legs!

Drumroll... for the first time since having pneumonia.. today I ran for 45 minutes, doing rapid-interval training.

Takes a bow, then collapses

@LiterateHiker Take care of yourself. pneumonia is serious stuff.


I know, I know. Everyone, including my doctor, tells me to "take it slow." What does "slow" mean?

Hike at a crawl?

Just walk 1/4 mile?

I have two gears: high and off.


I still take an hour-long nap around 4 or 5 p.m. By then, I feel exhausted and have to lie down.

"It take up to 16 weeks to recover from pneumonia, to get your regular energy back," the doctor said.

@LiterateHiker If you are 64 like you claim, and not 48 like you look, then you need to take it easy. I am 90, so I know.


I'm 65. You are so funny! I love your sense of humor.

@GuyKeith You have a brain? (hee hee).....those legs are...yes, indeed...yummy!


I usually throw in halved plum tomatoes. Alas, couldn't find any in the grocery store.

In the Spring, lightly steamed asparagus is great in Frittata, too. I chop asparagus into 1" pieces for easier eating.


So yummy!


Frittata is such a satisfying meal & not hard to make since I just throw in chopped up leftover veggies. Your actual recipe sounds much more delicious though.

I have hens & in the summer they bury us with eggs. Fritatta & egg salad are a good way to use a lot of eggs.

Carin Level 8 Oct 24, 2018

No fair temping us with stuff like that..........Sounds as good as it looks.


That sounds and looks delicious!

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