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Getting right knee replaced 22 Feb. I know it's become rather routine but still anxious (If you're not freaked out too easily check out the videos of this surgery online.) Am looking for your stories, support, empathy, sympathy, commiseration etc. about anything related. 😟

kmdskit3 8 Feb 5

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I'm an old retired orthopedic nurse. Worked on a orthopedic floor for 21 years, and did sub acute rehab too. A lot of it depends on you. Keep your weight down (helps a lot with movement and healing) Eat healthy, no garbage fast foods, no smoking. Have to trust the ortho doc. After surgery as the staff helps you up and moving...the more you move the better. Pain pills are needed but remember constipating too. Drink a lot of fluids. If they ask you to go to it!!


I work in short term disability claims, I hear your story every day!! So good luck to you, do the PT! One of my coworkers has had her knees replaced and she schooled me in it good when she was training me. My knees aren't great, but they're gonna do for a while. And watch the drugs. Many people get hooked on opioids from surgeries like this. And the opioids cause constipation... Hope you recover quickly.



Hi Kindskit, Over the last 84 years I have had 3 whole knee replacements, [ no, I do not have 3 legs ! ] All have been a great success. There is nothing to fear as you will not be awake to know what is going on. The most uncomfortable problem , is the Phsyo. you have to get things back to normal and that is quite hard work but after a few months all will be forgotten, and you will be a new man. [ I won't say good luck as I am sure you won't need it ]


Have wondered about leg length. Did you ever have any problems from your legs being different lengths after knee replacement?

@kmdskit3 Never !!


you have support of this have our best wishes on a successful procedure and recovery.

Thank you!


Have a great friend who did and she older...she is doing will you....


Ive known several people that had their knees done and the only one that had problems was an opiate abuser before she had it done and therefor had a resistance to the pain meds.

Just do the rehab properly. Good luck


I've had total knee replacements on both knees (at different times). My hospital made me go to something they called, "Joint Camp" before the surgery. I must admit I freaked out a bit the first time, listening to all the stuff that was going to happen to me during and after my surgery. However, I feel so lucky to be living at a time when this type of surgery is commonplace. Before my surgeries, I was in terrible pain and I had to walk with a cane. If I hadn't had the surgeries, I probably would be in a wheel chair by now. I cannot stress strong enough how important your physical therapy is after your surgery and how important it is that you do the exercises as prescribed. The exercises are the key to a rapid recovery. I was only in the hospital for 3 days which is the usual hospitalization time I'm told. I can't say that there was no pain while recovering, but the hospital sent me home with pain medication. Your doctor will prescribe more pain medication, if necessary. As I said before, the knee replacement surgery was the best thing I've ever done for myself. Today, I am pain free and can do anything (probably not run a marathon). I go to the gym 3 times a week and "speed walk" my greyhound 7 days a week. By the way, I'm 73 years old. It's up to you to follow instructions and do the exercises. I have a friend who had two total knee replacements and two hip replacements and she's very physically active and in no pain either. Hope my story will help you. Oh, stop looking at knee surgery videos online! You won't be conscious while the surgery is going on, so why torture yourself?

I just like when you see the doctor step back so he can get more force behind the 3lb sledge as he hammers it on! 🙂


Can't blame you for feeling anxious - surgery is never the most fun thing, no matter what it's for !

As you get closer , treat yourself kindly, and tap into your humor .

Fortunately, this procedure is now so common, doctors have had lots of practice !

Hang in, and know all of us here, will send you lots of "thoughts and prayers" ! (kidding !!!!)



hang in there, man! I don't have experience with this particular type of surgery. Have a speedy recovery and trust your doctor!



A year ago December, had a knee replacement at age 74. 6 months later was hiking up to 5 miles a day up and down hill on our trip to Scotland. Need to start doing the movements (as directed by my surgeon) right away. And when cleared for PT, do as prescribed. Am quite happy with the result. Not much that I can't do, and the bone on bone pain is long gone. I do stay away from getting down on my knees. For gardening, I use a low bench. I did have the advantage that my wife had gone through hip replacement 6 months before I had surgery. We used the same surgeon, and think he is great. And my wife had recovered nicely. He was a military doctor and had two tours in Iraq.

Any problems with unequal leg length?

@kmdskit3 No problem, foot matches the other one. He got the alignment great. He had me get a leg scan and they premade the knee joint.

Going to ask my doctor about this. Thanks!


Hope all goes well. Good luck.


My roommate had a hip replaced in his late 40s (he's a former rugby-playing defacto carcrashexpert). He was in the hospital for 3 days. Used a walker for one. I was amazed by the speed of his recovery.

Dunno about knees, but it seems like technology, techniques, drugs, etc. are incredible these days. I would definitely err on the side of worrying less.

I've heard rehab from hip replacement is quicker than knee.

@kmdskit3 Yeah, that's what I was thinking


Well, I wish you a speedy recovery and best of wishes.


Know tons of people who had it done Very successfully. Also know a Few horror stories, including mine. Not sharing! Get/ keep your weight down, be true to your physical therapists!

Overall body weight dropped 60lbs. over the last 2 yrs. Fat loss greater than that because of increase in muscle mass. Will hit physical therapy hard but not looking forward to 8 wks. of opiates.

@witchymom Miss-typed. Corrected error.

@kmdskit3 ?!?! 8 weeks?!? I used them for 2 days and then a few more days at bedtime, occasionally one after phys.ther. in the first 2 weeks. IMO 8 weeks of opiates will turn you into an addict. Nor can you drive if taking opiates, i drove myself 19 miles one-way to my first post-op appointment. (10 days post op) Beware opiates, X-strengthTylenol works almost as well, and will not screw up your life!

Yeah, I'm seriously hoping I don't have to take too many opiates for too long.

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