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What is your favorite Star Wars movie?

Mine is The Empire Strikes Back.

To me the 1st was great, the 2nd was better, and its been downhill from there, some are so bad I can't even watch them again.
And whats up with the renumbering crap? so dumb

gater 7 Feb 5

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"Somebody's got to save our skins!"

Pretty, steely, sharp, bitchy, potty-mouthed princess... swoon

"Absolutely, your worshipfulness..."


the first Star Wars movie. it was brand new in the theaters, I was 13 years old, religion was being stuff down my throat, and Star Wars introduced the force, looking back I can see now how that was a bigger deal than I did then regarding my longer journey.

I agree - "The Force" almost became a new religion

it really did. as I understand it George Lucas was a big fan of Joseph Campbell, and talk to Joseph Campbell about it regarding the movie.

@hankster I believe in the force - as far as all things connected through energy fields. I think this explains telepathy.


In the Empire Strikes Back's original script, Han Solo's line was "I love you too" in response to princess Leia saying "I love you" before he went into carbon freeze. Harrison Ford improvised with the iconic: "I know".


The Search for Spock.....




Ditto! Star wars and empire strikes back were great, but it has gone down hill from there.


Empire, definitely.


The original of course..


Is it 1 no 4, wait 5 or 2. Star Wars is confusing


Empire Strikes Back followed closely by Rogue One.

Episodes 1 - 3 were barely watchable. Jar Jar Binks can eat a turd.

The Abrams directed films are an inprovement, but still no match for the original trilogy.

Haven't seen the new one yet. I'm scared to. The fan reaction has been so overwhelmingly poor that I don't want ruin one of the best parts of my childhood.


The one that's not on my screen, lol. Bring it on haters.


The original. Some were better in their graphics, but the original was pure fun.


Empire all the way.


Four five and six are the only true Star Wars Imo.


Revenge Of The Sith.


Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope

Gohan Level 7 Feb 6, 2018

The first 3 released were the best. The subsequent ones are simply an exercise in the attempt to remain relevant. Put simply...they suck eggs. Star Wars just needs to go away. So do the Rolling Stones...

lol yah the Stones are having fun on our dime

I don't know. Their last studio record was pretty solid. Not great, but solid. And that album of blues covers they put out last year was quite good.

At least they're not turning into a cover band of themselves like a lot of classic rock acts are. If I see the Moody Blues troll through Red Rocks in Denver one more time to excavate Knights In White Satin from its grave in order to collect a paycheck, I'm going to scream.

@webbew1 AC/DC, my favorite band, needs to just stop. Its not the real band anymore. So yeah, some bands should stop trolling

Ya.... Black Ice should have been AC/DC's swan song. That record kicked ass. Rock Or Bust? Not so much.

@webbew1 I'm probably an extremist but I was pretty much done with AC/DC when they did that Fly on the Wall stuff. Everything pales in comparison to Back In Black!!! They should have stopped, then. But that's just me, hard to please🙂🙂

That was a pretty rough period for AC/DC. Not much to salvage between Fly On The Wall and Blow Up Your Video. The Razors Edge, Ballbreaker and Sriff Upper Lip had some pretty good material, but they didn't put out another consistently good record until Black Ice.

  1. A New Hope....original is always the best.
  2. Empire Strikes Back.....close second
  3. Rogue One.....sarcastic mouthy robot + back story to the original
  4. Return of the Jedi.....Ewoks and Leia in a bikini.....Giggidy!
  5. The Last Jedi.....meh
  6. The Force Awakens.....meh
  7. watching someone drag fingernails across a chalkboard
  8. Phantom Menace.....F*** Jar Jar Binks
  9. Attack of the Clones.....why is Jar Jar Binks still alive?
  10. watching 24 hr loop of Trump's State of the Union address
  11. Revenge of the Sith

lol pretty good list

hhhmmm they haven't been seen in the same room together?


Haven't watched any.


Money maker... lucas spent weeks in japan watching a japan cartoon series that got him the idea. Right from the very beginning the original idea was 9 chapters. he started with chapter 4... later from 9 chapters he decided to leave it at 6. But once disney got the rights and worked out a new deal for the toys rights... chapters 7,8,9 has to come out. Simply about money. In 30 years from now there will be like 10 more chapters added because procreation continues to add fans eager for a star wars they can call their own and not be their parents or grandparents. Greed is stronger than the force.... always been.

I can hear Darth Vader's voice saying "Greed is stronger than the Force".

@farmboy2017 and the director's voice behind... "Cut, that's a wrap" he, he, ha, he... but disney execs should been saying that since acquiring the franchise, they re-negotiated the toys royalties.

Did they need to renumber them? It seems to me that was unnecessary and confusing.

@gater Maybe I am not following you... about the renumbering... they started on the middle of the story. I am not following the star wars universe so I may be missing... I haven't seen those extra sideshows or animation stories. I thought they did 4,5,6, 1,2, 3 and lucas was satisfied. not needing to make 7,8,9 anymore... but sold the rights to disney and since disney negotiated new toy deal... that is were the big money is for 7,8,9 the toys. So pardon if I am missing something about the renumber. I saw in the summer an outstanding documentary about star wars toys. Explaining the whole movie ordeal.

@GipsyOfNewSpain My point is there was no need to renumber them. Star Wars 1 - Empire -2 Jedi -3...Phantom -4 - how bout that? Why the need for chronological order?

@gater because sequence is order... from the moment star wars came up was recognized as chapter 4 or episode 4 on the order. I do have a problem with the re editing the Godfather Saga to relocate the flashbacks to a logical order instead... removed essential beauty of the movies as if our brains couldn't comprehend going back and forth in time. Numbing of america?

@GipsyOfNewSpain If Phantom Menace came out as ep4 - and the audience saw Darth Vadar as a boy - I think they could figure it out.

@gater I think you are missing the order started at ep 4, 5, 6, 1, 2, 3.That is all lucas did... but the saga started at 4, always been like that from the beginning. Star Wars was episode 4. Phatom Menace was episode 1. (4th movie in order of appearance) but that understood from the beginning.


I like all of them. For different reasons.


A new hope,


Episode IV, A New Hope is my favorite. It does an excellent job at setting the tone, both storyline-wise and visually.


That's difficult. They are all really good movies. If I had to pick a favorite out of all of the I guess it would be Return of the Jedi.


Rogue One. I thought it was the first SW film for adults. Great themes of sacrifice and altruism, and a wonderful multiracial cast. Great to watch a movie and not hear "God" mentioned once.

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