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Is it easy for you to adapt to change?

I found it easy for me once the change had been made. I moved in August away from the downtown area of Colorado Springs. Now I'm in the rich part of town, known as The Garden Of The Gods. My new work and living situation were not too difficult to get used to. My home took a little longer. Do you adapt to change well?

Sarahroo29 8 Feb 7

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How many Englishmen does it take to change a light bulb? " We quite like the old one actually ".



It's not always "easy", depending upon what the change is. You do what you have
to do.
My motto is "adapt or die".

Yep. Good one.


Change is inevitable


@Sarahroo29. The rhythm of life constantly changes. I wish you peace


Very much so, change is the only constant in life.


Usually I do but definitely there are things that takes more time than others.



Yes. A welcome side effect of being a life long learner is a readiness to accept new ideas and adapt more easily to changing situations. I enjoy change for the learning opportunity it offers. My field is computer science and I have to keep up with a rapidly evolving technology.


Absolutely agree! If you're not Learning, you're Dying. Have a child like wonder at the world, even it's insanity, or become dust...


It depends on what's I refuse to recognize the impostor in the W.H



Yes, a new home can be a challenge. I have looked for things that I could have easily have found in the old place and can't for the life of me remember where it may be in the new place. LOL

Betty Level 8 Feb 7, 2018

I'm still not quite used to the bus routes here.


The more you use the busses the easier it will be to plan your routs and estimate time.

It's also fun to explore too. 🙂


Change is inevitable and necessary. Without it life would be uninteresting.

Gohan Level 7 Feb 7, 2018



I've had to learn to be adaptable to change as I've discovered many times that everything a person loves, values and appreciates can be taken away from them at any moment. Last year I once again had to start everything afresh, just as I have at various other times in my life, so I no longer put down roots and am ready to move on again whenever I next have to.

Jnei Level 8 Feb 7, 2018

Okay, good.

Been married thrice. Had to extricate myself from a bad relationship last year and leave my whole social network. Divorce # 3 occurred right when I was retiring. Adapt or die, right?


I never failed to new circumstances... I do it antway


The alternative ain't so good, is it?

@Stevil what's do you mean by this?

@Stevil yes


It depends on the change for me, but the older I get the more I just go with the flow.

Same here.


Gawd no - I do not like change; it takes me a long time to settle and adapt to new situations. When forced to, I do, but it's really challenging.



Change is difficult to adapt to once you get used to folding money.

jeffy Level 7 Feb 7, 2018

not anymore too tiring



Every time we have change in our life it is a little hard a new job a new place to live is all a new start I have just moved from NH To SC its a little hard not knowing anyone

When I moved, I didn't know anyone either.


I may have friends there

U do as well


Oh yeah. Cuz it's my job. I'm a project management specialist and all we deal with is "managing change" which is a bit of a larf since Change is going to happen, and you adapt or die. I'll admit, though, when something pisses me off it may take me a while before I can roll with it. But I eventually do...

Oh good.


I thrive on change, love it, want it,.

If it's a good change, then I do.


I think we tend to be creatures of habit and often the prospect of change is daunting to us but when it comes easier than we imagined.



I'm a farmer. Change happens so often in my world that it seems natural and not a big deal, just part of the whole process of the circle of life! Yes, life is circular...not linear. Linear is religion speak.


My adaptability has been taxed in past and I've made it this far. The keys to my "success" are patience and surrounding myself with knowledgeable and forgiving people.


Change is the only constant, everything is always in flux. We humans grow acustomed to static really quickly though, and this creates an illusion that change is abrupt and sudden, when it is persitant. Only dramtic change is abrupt.

For instance we are always aging, always in that state of change, minute by minute, yet we only recognize the change annually, and rarely notice the change unless we reflect upon the past, with photos or abilities lost due to age, or the growth of children which are a perpetual reminder of your own aging and eventual mortality.

Dramatic, Abrupt change is difficult for most people as they strive very hard to create a static environ, where they feel safe and comfortable and such change alters that perception. Few folks are comfortable with Dramatic Sudden change, and in my experience those folks tend to have pasts like my own, where Dramatic Abrupt change became a constant as a child, and then they grow INTO that, seeing it as the norm and the Static environs as calm pools in a white water river. You find this in children from war zones, and broken homes, and those weened in violence of all sorts.

Static Calm is a calm in the storm to them, even if carefully cultivated. For myself, no matter how safe the world around me feels, a part of my mind is always ready for it to explode in open warfare with little or no warning, from any direction. It is part and Parcel of my own PTSD, and something I have to work against in order to simply function in the workaday world. However when things are falling apart, when it is hurricane or Ice storm or wildfire and everyone is in a panic, I feel things are normal; that the inevitable has at last risen it's head and must again be dealt with.

Choice exacerbates this. If you choose a dramtic change you may feel unsure or unstable, but if it is forced upon you it can feel terrifying. If you choose a Dramtic change you might also embrace it and have great joy or relief, even in distress at your lack of static certainty.

The trick for somepone like me is learning to relax and enjoiy the peace, the static calm and not be so tense or paranoid for the next Abrupt change that I loose the ability to enjoiy those calms, whether they are five minutes or fifty years long.

Improvise, Adapt, and Overcome


I think it depends on the type of change really.

I agree.

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