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How do you handle cabin fever?

Those of us in the winterland endure months of low light, cold temperatures, & snowed in abodes. February is the most difficult as I have had enough at that point. If my diminished lungs would cooperate I would be trekking the trails or the frozen beach of the Sea of Michigan. Alas I am hunkered inside and I can't get out. =0{

Mooolah 8 Feb 7

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Play with my little dogs, especially the silly one.


Get bundled up and walk..shovel snow, If inside, omg..listen to music, listen to podcasts...Marc Maron WTF, there are tons, watch Netflix. Read about end.

Bundled up = 25 years of delivering mail. Loved the winter then. Was always outside. Unused to cabin fever. Asthma keeps me inside lest I drop dead again shoveling my 500 ft drive. TV burns me out ie Netflix. I will look into Marc Maron on Youtube. I read constantly. Now I am on this site. Thanks for the suggestions.


I'm another Floridian, but by birth even though I did quite a few years in Colorado and two in North Carolina. North Carolina has very pleasant temperatures though. Now, back in Florida!


I moved from Chicago to Sarasota, Florida.

Yes. Chicago is a challenge. Tho I worked outside for 25 years. Everything seems easy in comparison.


If I can't go out then I just pick up a book, go on the internet, watch a movie, play a game, play piano or write or work on a song, eat (this could be bad lol), exercise, or take a shower. Sometimes all in the same day.


I bust into my liquor cabinet..which is where I also keep my pots & pans..

@FortyTwo I cook and drink at the same

@FortyTwo oddly I never let my crews drink while working my kitchens..after work was a different story..

I was a K.M for 6 years and an Exec Chef for 8.


I go see live music


Reading and writing.


A well stocked in-home personal library , a furry friend or two , cup of warm sweet liquid (hot chocolate , coffee , etc. for starters .) Some kind of in-home projects to be worked on sewing , crafts ( garb , art , practice music instrument , writing , plans for warmer weather activities , such as gardening , traveling )


Hi Countrywoman,
Greetings from the Persistent Squall Area in upstate New York. I have the opposite of cabin fever. I enjoy the feeling of not going anywhere. Don't need to feel guilty about not planting peas or trimming the rose bushes. I can stay inside with my spinning wheel and computer and Rolling Stones record collection. Just doing what and how much I want. I just have a tiny bit of advice for you: set smaller goals. You can do them.

Good advice. My goals are decluttering. I am retired & I love not going anywhere. Spinning wheel. What kind of fiber?


I make popcorn and watch a lot of movies...mostly the classics on TCM.


I'm not big on outdoorsy activities in general, but especially in the winter. I'd like to hibernate for these five months (in Northern New York, we do winter big), and then enjoy the warmer months outside. Since that's not an option, I just grit my teeth and bear it. Driving on slick roads and dealing with terrible drivers every morning adds a bit of spice to life. Nothing is quite so exciting as thinking you might die at any minute. Once spring is here (like, really here, not the on-again-off-again snow storms) I'll get out for occasional walks, start planning the vegetable garden, maybe go camping in the summer when it's a bit drier and I can wander around in the woods, etc.


Perfect time to read a book, or binge watch a series.


Relax, listen to your favorite music, watch some good YouTube videos about nature, travel, TED Talks, take this time to learn something instead of being entertained. YouTube is your friend.

I am not big on entertainment either. Haven't done much youtube. I will give it a try.

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