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Racking points..... here you go, some more..... 🙂


Only way to control the press. Keep the friendliest bar the rest.


Where was all the uproar when Obama revoked a FOX reporter?

jorj Level 8 Nov 9, 2018

ButWhatAbout what?

@AlPastor exactly, u have no priciple at all, just tribalism

@jorj That doesn't even make sense.







@AlPastor wow, u googled some old articles up, good job. Still don't answer my question of where the outrage was. I didn't say it was never reported on, I'm pointing out how the media and people are discussing the issue and how it's being treated like the Trump admin is breaking all the norms where as they would give Obama a benefit of the doubt.

@jorj Of course I googled them. I was surprised by the level of anger in them directed at Obama. Those were just the first few of many that came up. Just because you don't remember (too young?) doesn't mean people weren't outraged.

Do you think people should have been outraged by how Obama treated the press?

@AlPastor I think people should be outraged by what the press has become with profit driven news as well as how Obama and Trump treat them. And no, I'm not to young to remember. I'm not 18. I remember clearly back to early Clinton years. Maybe old age makiing your memory fade?

@jorj Profits are the problem? Are you suggesting nationalizing the press? If you want the Ministry of Truth and News that is extremely kind to Dear Leader, just turn to FNC.

@AlPastor no. I didn't suggest anything


I think this started when he found he could get away with calling out the press as "fake news" during his rallies. The White House and the press has always had an adversarial relationship, as they should, but this is the first president who couldn't take it and has tried to blame them for reporting on his lies and misbehavior. This is what you get when you elect a coward and wannabe dictator as president. Screw him and his dumbass supporters!

Obama did the same to a FOX reporter. This is not the first.

I'd like to see the citation for that. I recall Clinton and Obama occasionally debating reporters, but never insulting them.

@jorj Your knowledge of history is seriously flawed.

Read. Learn.

@Secretguy learn what? That Obama always gets the benefit of the doubt while Trump don't. Even your little article there is doing that very thing. Obama always gets a pass from the media while Trump don't with the exception of just FOX. What Obama didto FOX is the exact same thing Trump does to CNN. Deservedly so by both presidents as well. U can try again to "educate" me but u better offer something better than that article.

@jorj The rest of the press pressured the Obama administration into backing down even though most members of the press think of Fox News, usually at least, as the propaganda arm of the GOP. Where is Fox News' and other conservative news entities' outrage at tRump's behavior towards the press for over 2 yrs? Please explain how you have not engaged in a false equivalency because these 2 presidents have engaged in at least quantifiably, if not qualitatively, different behavior.

@kmdskit3 it's not false equivalency when it's the principle hand. I don't care one bit about the sensationalism or hyperbolic BS that clouds everything anymore. I only judge things from the aspect of a principle. Perfect way to sum it up is the quote of "I may disagree and stand against something said but I'll fight your right to say it until the end". That includes Nazis, KKK, Antifa, or any other hate group, something that the left wing has forgotten that we once stood for. It's all tribalism ignorance now days.

@jorj "...Obama always gets the benefit of the doubt while Trump don't." That was what I was responding to and not a 'principle'. As to 'tribalism':

@kmdskit3 Obama does get the benefit, he is still to this day a left wing hero and he is nothing but a republican piece of shit.

@jorj Now I'm not sure how to respond at all. You're all over the place.

@kmdskit3 I'm not all over the place, u just have no way to counter truth. Thanks for acknowledging that much.

@jorj Obama always gets the benefit of the doubt AND he's a Republican POS? Sounds all over the place to me. Dunning-Kruger much?

@kmdskit3 sorry u can't have two different things register at once. I can't help a mind that simple.


Heard him say that attacking april ryan as well what a nazi action. Heil fuhrer trump


That was to be expected I think. The Orange Pinocchio is pretty pissed off right now ?


I sure hope CNN files suit against them for the fake video and banning the press.


Free press is one of the most important aspects of a democracy. Someone needs to stand up and say, If you can't handle the hard questions Mr. Trump step down.


He needs to be revoked. It would be great if no one shows up if he rejects another pass.

That's exactly what I think the media needs to do..ignore him. Dont attend any more press conferences.

I agree. I wish all the real news outlets would simply stop covering him. He's an attention whore that would shrivel up and die.

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