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It will be a lot lower after devos


The 2018 PISA study showed America at 37 or 38 out of 71 developed nations. This is an education study.
As for health, we know that America is the only developed nation where the average life span is actually decreasing despite the claims of the best healthcare. Americans spend 3xmore than Canadians in a given year and get very little in return.


I'm not surprised. Teathugliscum rule for the last 40 years has done nothing good for this country.


That the best we've been rated in awhile. A lot of the rating is based on normative testing results. Unfortunately, countries beyond the U.S. cull the students who they allow to take the test. Only their best and brightest are allowed to take the test. However, we in the US allow any and all that can afford the testing fee to take. Therefore, while other countries only report their best, we have a wide range of participant's. The best and the brightest, as well as the average and less adept.

We're still not competitive though. Our students are by and large not prepared and not competitive in many circumstsnces. Not due to teachers not being caplable or trying. Blame lies in parents accepting lower expectations and no parental accountability to support education (those of you who do are an exception).


Very Sad and Embarrassing. Unfortunately very true which is more embarrassing. The Cell Phone Phobia has made its mark and the diversion is going to go deeper. Trust me about this one.


And we spend more on health care than any other wealthy country. Seems like maybe we are spending WRONG, no?


We're 11th, wow!

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