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What do you see as the most important benefit of this site?

For me, it has been the opportunity to interact, albeit in a somewhat limited setting, with diverse yet thoughtful individuals from around the world.

tioteo 8 Feb 7

Enjoy being online again!

Welcome to the community of good people who base their values on evidence and appreciate civil discourse - the social network you will enjoy.

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Finding a community of [mostly] like-minded folks. Making some new friends!


I like the fact that people are much more thoughtful and kind on this site. People don't always agree, but they don't belittle each other. Strangely enough, the ones who don't "believe", are the kindest and most thoughtful and don't judge others for their differences. They embrace them and I think that is just wonderful!


Being able to let my hair down and not have to censor myself about what I might or might not say about religion. I have to be guarded on other sites.

Not getting lectured on religion and/or conservatism is a close second.

Zster Level 8 Feb 8, 2018

Yup. I recently joined two missionary kid (MK) Facebook pages, with one of them for liberal MKs only.

No matter what, religion kept coming up, with Bible quotes to justify everything, so I became annoyed and stopped posting there.
One of my former Morehead State U. prof colleagues posted the link to this website.


talking openly with people of similar beliefs ie a lot more in common.


It's a quality reminder that we're not alone.


To interact with liked minded, open minded, freethinking people.

balou Level 8 Feb 7, 2018

Contact with other thinking people.


Like-minded people! I was alone before, if not for this site, I'd still be alone. Thought provoking posts, smart, witty, and humorous conversations. ❤


Casual hook ups! Of course.

Oh wait. I'm thinking of tinder.


I am planning to make friends for life. Get my old Mojo back. It is a large horizon.


Honestly? Confirmational bias. And what you said. I find it very gratifying to come here and confirm that I'm not squirrel-brained. Well, not completely, squirrel-brained, anyway.


I agree with you and I also met one person IRL.




I really enjoy the interaction with a bunch of smart,thoughtful people. So many different concepts, well thought out solutions and really thought provoking questions.

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