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What's your belief?

How do you believe the Universe was created?

By JosiahHendr2
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Your question is based on a false premise. "Created" mandates a creator.

There is no evidence to suggest a creator.

Evidence suggests our current universe was formed by a series of events starting with the big bang then natural formation of planets, stars, and life.

If you are actually interested: This is worth your time. []


The universe is all that exists. I think it has always existed.

sfvpool Level 7 Dec 25, 2018

By an accident in someone's laboratory. Our multiverse sits suspending by a field of unknown preventing the expansion of our universe.


I have no belief in how the universe came into being, it's still being looked into and there have been some very interesting hypothesis on this, none of which include a god btw, so until such time as something concrete comes up I'll settle for 'I don't know'

ipdg77 Level 8 Dec 9, 2018

i have no beliefs about how the universe came to be except that it most certainly had no creator. i have heard explanations about possible ways, and most of them sound reasonable, but if scientists can't agree on the exact details, what difference would MY "beliefs" make? they're working on it. they're doing a good job. it's interesting. it really has nothing to do with beliefs (or creation).


genessa Level 8 Dec 1, 2018

I believe the laws of physics gathered up and compressed a ball of matter until it's composition caused it to erupt.
As for where the matter came from, I believe it is eternal. After the heat-death the universe will still exist.
Perhaps, eventually, there will be another compressed ball in the void.

MLinoge Level 7 Nov 20, 2018

It wasn’ the sense that if it was created there must be a creator. Science has provided us with a lot of probabilities....the definitive answer we are still searching for.


I don’t believe my guessing could do much more than regurgitate documentaries on the topic, they’re good at making a theory sound plausible. I believe it was a natural burst of energy caused by nothing I’m sure of. I don’t believe it was an intelligence of any kind and the notion that it was seems childish and silly to me.


I believe I'll have another beer

Good plan. I believe I'll join you!


Honestly, I don't know. The question has never kept me awake at night. The theory of the Big Bang is more satisfying than any other explanation I've heard, but if better evidence appears in my lifetime, I'm fine with that.

Deb57 Level 7 Nov 19, 2018

In terms of my spiritual beliefs, my view is that the sum total of all the forces within the universe and all interactions between them is the closest thing we have to "God". And that includes all the things we have yet to understand, mainly the details of time and space which have scales that are beyond our comprehension. A cosmic ecosystem within which we are infinitely small.


I'm as curious as the next, but I don't expect we'll unlock all the long-lost secrets of our past. I certainly don't think unknowns need a supernatural explanation. Some things are unknown, some things are unknowable, perhaps. I can live with that.


The universe and I have an agreement - neither of us is concerned with how the other was created.

I like the sentiment .. as for the universe you are (I suspect) scientifically acurate... you may have been created by the universe but it holds no intelligence with which to be concerned.


I believe it does not matter. It just is.

powder Level 8 Nov 18, 2018

True that it doesn’t matter but neither do a multitude of other things we busy our minds with... If it matters at all it’s through the camaraderie of alcohol consumption... like the guy that said, I believe I’ll have another beer… what matters is the here and now, what matttrs is kindness and what matttrts is the quality of the beer and banter?


Are you asking how the universe came into being? That's a very different question than "was created".

Thehosh84 Level 4 Nov 18, 2018

Is it? It may have been created by natural forces... and I have no reason to believe orherwise. Now if the question was les ambiguous like, do you believe the universe was designed by an intelligence? my answer would most certainly be no. Actually if my answer was yes it would be evidence that I’m hanging out on the wrong sitesmile001.gif

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