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Should you be proud of that?

Saw a car with two bumper stickers. The first bumper sticker said "proud vet", the second bumper sticker said "22 kills". I was shocked by the second one. Would these shock you?

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SonderOpia 8 Feb 9

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I think there's nothing wrong with being proud of being in the military. My father was 20 years retired army Sergeant but to brag about how many people you killed I think is appalling.

I concur!


The only bragging that a true vet does is seen on his/her DD-214.

Yeah, that!

Well said... I saw today the 15:17 to Paris movie. Forced to it. There is a scene with a Marine recruiter, I look on his ribbons of course... I said to my friend date... we only care to the highest, the top row... only one he has on me is the purple heart.


I am a retired (disabled) Viet-Nam era veteran. I was forced to enlist (or risk the chance of going to Nam and maybe being a part of the killing). My career was a joke from start to finish but I experienced a lot. The only bragging I do is to tell people how much I got away with.

Hi, I must say I feel so bad for Vietnam vets, I watched "The Vietnam War" on PBS and it enraged me, so many young lives lost, as today the government lying about what was really happening. I hope you have been able to lead a good life but realize it may not have been easy. Hope I haven't offended in anyway, watching that documentary really opened my eyes to that war.

Thank You for Your Service and Sacrifice.

@GipsyOfNewSpain If you only knew of my situation. The sacrifice is borne by the taxpayers. Remember when a certain leader (I won't use the word president) said the Iraq war going to be a cheap war. Wrong; we are still paying for the Viet-Nam war.

@NFAguy53 I live in an island archipelago. The largest island is called Orcas island (56 sq mi). There is a town there called Doe Bay that was originally settled by hippies and draft dodgers.

My experiences go much further than your friends. I could write a book. A friend met his wife in the first Iraq war. He is a super peace-nick now. We exchange 'war' stories and he says I was not in the military but Disneyland (there is actually a Disneyland connection).

@Presley1209 I think you misread my comment. I mentioned Viet-Nam ERA vet (I did not go to Viet-Nam I went to the eastern seaboard and Turkey). I was in military intelligence (I know oxymoron). A part of my group was in Nam and I once asked a guy about this group. He said, because of our security clearance we would be the first ones out in case of an attack. He further went on to say there was a drill once and everyone rushed to an underground shelter. One of the guys slipped on a beer can on the steps going down and broke his leg. He got a purple-heart!?

@JackPedigo War never been cheap. My son sees a therapist for what he saw in Afghanistan.... when your son tells you over there a 10 year old is more afraid of a 9mm gun than a M16 rifle because the handgun is the execution weapon in their village. How can you get that out of your mind?

@JackPedigo Don't you remember how oliver north got his purple heart? He jumped off a tank or armored vehicle and landed on his ass. I remember when going to RadioMan A school in the Navy... there was a guy with 9 purple hearts. He served on a river boat in Vietnam. In Spain my daughter best friend was daughter of the commanding officer of a "Smart Marine" Unit in Rota. The jokes her father heard of his unit... Can't tell you, They Are Classified.

@Presley1209 The most recent issue of the "Smithsonian" has an article on My-Lai. Read it.

@GipsyOfNewSpain I know you could tell me but then you would have to kill me?! I was away and didn't hear all the stuff about North.

I had a friend who was a bartender in a German 'Local" in Germany. He had been shot in Nam and after he was healed he went back! He got shot again and one day lifted his shirt to show us the scars. He turned into an alcoholic and eventually got fired for being drunk on the job.

@GipsyOfNewSpain Sometimes one can't. My sister was married, for a while, to a ar vet. He had a baseball bat next to the bed and sometimes woke up swinging the bat.

@JackPedigo my son did a physical security tour in Afghanistan. He is a network security engineer, he fucking volunteered and of his buddies that tried together was the only one to qualify and that little year changed him and he still gets therapy. Live never been easy for the veterans. I was Navy... I trained for 20 years to fight the russians and I retired to come from Germany and find Maryland and DC full of russians. My first GF a russian, my next one a Ukranian, my next GF in partnership with russians owning together a dance studio. I told my son... your enemy today will be your friend tomorrow and your friend today will be your enemy tomorrow.


This whole country was built on murder.

Yes, from the white man!

Was? What has changed?


I'm a pacifist from a proud enlisted level combat military family...of the stereotypical Irish warriors, laborers and alcoholics. Some took easier paths but my family has veterans from 1st Air Cav, 82nd Airborne and Marines Recon.

I understand their pride. The "warrior spirit" speaks sadly of humanity but it is a necessary evil. Our "true warriors" aspired the special forces not only for the challenges but with full knowledge the best trained stood the highest chance of getting out alive.

Not one ever bragged about kill count though. They were proud to have served and served well...but mostly to have survived and made it home.


I was in Vietnam Zero kills

Woody Level 1 Feb 9, 2018

Thank You for your service and sacrifice.


Of course, these days does anything shock us anymore?

It shocked me.


If he's a true vet that did all that and is so proud about that's terrible and if he's just lying to look tough is terribly sad...


nothing humans do shock me


Bragging about kills suggest mental illness


Pretty much have seen a lot I am a veteran and have been around lots of chaos what is shocking to me is a kid screaming bloody murder over a single drop of blood and making them come to the rationalization that one drop of blood doesn't mean you are dieing.

Paper cuts kill.


I’m a retired vet.

Thank you for your service.



I'm trying to come up with alternative meaning to "22 kills." That is disturbing.


Sounds like you encountered a psychopath with a tiny dick.

Well luckily I only saw the sticker and not his penis LOL.


A bumper sticker like 22 kills would make think they were lying..I've never met a vet that would brag about how many Kills they had..


Something not right about bragging of killing people. My brother spent a year in Phu Bai Viet Nam and only speaks to me about it. I was an Air Force firefighter and I don't brag about how many fires I fought.


I can tell you how many fires I put out while in the USAF.


I have a friend in the Marines, and one of his primary reasons before joining and still to this day is to see, and experience combat. I'm not surprised that some people are interested in it, or that they may even be proud of it. I may not always want to hear about it, but it doesn't bother me personally a great deal.


Gung ho mother fucker is sick....Arlo Guthrie sang a spoof of such killers during his draft military physical and psyche exams. ...probably was stopped by his squad leader from cutting off ears or penis tips


Mr. Rogers wore a cardigan because he had marks on his arm for 100 kills. He was a celebrated marine sniper. Who is your best friend in the neighborhood?

Not only did Fred Rogers never serve in the military, there are no gaps in his career when he could conceivably have done so.

You may be thinking of Bob Ross.

@Nebroxah LOL Bob Ross killed the shit out of those trees LOL.

We're supposed to be at least somewhat intelligent on this site so please check your facts before you post. Thank you. Oh and have a lovely day.


I wonder what other he was counting will he was there...


If you are proud of what you do... you are proud of what you do. What do you know the kills stands for? You don't do you? If is a sniper means 22 confirmed kills. If is a fighter pilot it means 22 confirmed planes down. If is a hunter means 22 animal murders. If is a policeman means 22 criminals off the street for good. If is an exterminator could be 22 roaches killed. If is a Vet 22 animals put down, maybe by request of their masters? You just put two bumper stickers together and assumed what it was. Could be a serial killer with 22 confirmed kills that happened to be proud of being a vet.

True, however it was the only stickers on the car and they were close together.

@SonderOpia Those that had kill, never brag about it. There is a lot of Ignorance in the veteran community too. The ignorant will serve well... I did 20 years among them. I tend to ignore bumper stickers... for the obvious reason of not giving every asshole out there any props.

@NFAguy53 I been writing all my life... I could even say I was published once as a High School senior on an interview of one of the salsa greatest acts ever. But all the stories I tell here about my life are true because I used to be very busy... but I can see a writer play testing some stories to see reaction and if believable or not. I hope he was buying the drinks. Otherwise you were a focus group with no benefits.

@NFAguy53 the proud to be a vet one was made at a sticker shop the 22 kills was a homemade one made from the stickers you get to put on your house.

@SonderOpia Is america, there are people with real problems. I don't think I had ever put a sticker on a vehicle of mine... I let my wife then put a sticker on my Trooper about the diving association she belonged. I wasn't a diver and people always asked me if I dived. My answer always was... no is the mrs, she also skydive.

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