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Has any one here had any success with this site?

Waverunner98 3 Feb 10

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If by success you mean have I been able to continue my hermit lifestyle without intrusions by pesky females begging me to rip their bodices off and have my way with them then yes things are succeeding beyond my wildest dreams.


Okay, laughing out LOUD at this one!! πŸ™‚πŸ™‚πŸ™‚


Since I was looking for like-minded people to interact with, yes, I have had great success here.


I love this question! it's loaded.
I have successfully enjoyed writing many posts on topics that interested me on this site, and I have successfully commented and responded to many posts as well. It's been an enriching exciting and wonderful experience for me as I don't think I have had the freedom on facebook or anywhere else to express my views more freely and feeling that while people may retort to my ideas they are not judging me with a religious veil of some sort.

I have also successfully made the acquaintance of several lovely ladies online and started chit chatting (thank you ladies!)

Now as far as meeting in person, well I live in Australia and the site isn't big enough to have large enough numbers for that to necessarily happen's hard enough on rsvp or tinder and they have plenty of users!

For me the success is measured in my level of enjoyment and my engagement mentally on this site and that's how I would encourage you to view it also.

It's a bit like my new hobby, indoor rock climbing. I am right into it and go climbing 3 times a week. I have been meeting many new people all of whom are into climbing also, males and females. The focus isn't on finding a partner for me, but I think that nature will take its course and that will happen anyway!

When you progress from the board and composite indoor mountains to try some real stuff and try your hands & feet in W.Victoria (the Grampians and Arapiles) let me know and I will pack lunch and lemonade to come and share in the fresh air.

That sounds like success to me!

Perfectly put!

@FrayedBear Thanks mate, at the moment I am making great measurable progress on indoor and I am happy. I will reserve the possibility of trying outdoor in the future. A couple of my friends do both and they rave about it too. Thanks πŸ™‚


It’s a very young site. Share about it, and help grow our ranks. It’s a community, above all else.


Considering this site is full of people who are not pushing religious theology down anyone's throat and everyone I've seen post so far has been pleasant and civil, which is why I started reading and posting here... I'd say yes, great success.

Of course I'm not looking for a hookup or partner or anything. I'm married and not really interested in dating or whatever else some might have come here for aside from the conversation and perhaps a friendship or two.

AmyLF Level 7 Feb 10, 2018

My personal success on this site is visiting it daily...and not seeing endless photos of kittens and platefuls of awful food.

Or reports of last bowel movements, photographs of vacuous looking late teenagers wearing bling around their necks in the shape of that instrument of torture and death so beloved by the Romans and the latest bargain from Sammy's bar and BBQ barn.

LOL!!!! Hilarious!!! Or hearing about incessant drama - or bible thumping - or trump praising.


If you mean for dating, no. I live in a cultural armpit called southeast Louisiana, where, apparently no other people want to live. I don't blame them.

Otherwise, socially, it's been great! A lot of cool folks to talk to about all kinds of interesting ideas. Waaaaaay better than facebook, to me.


Yes, I successfully logged in.


I've been very successful meeting like minded people. I create, I don't debate (especially not the unknown and's an exercise in idiocy) , and so I find myself attracting and being attracted to the site's namesake "agnositics".

I've also been successful in curbing the influence of idiot fringe atheists who come to protelyze dogmas just as absurd as their theist counterpoints...another reason I seek out the site's namesake "agnositics".

As far as finding women I'm starting to have some success...while the women I seek are creatives 30-40 years younger than me as artistic collaborators as well as potential romantic interests. I found an immediate boost in messages when I made my followers and following lists private.

It depends on what you consider "success". I've had a lot in many different areas and am very pleased with the results from this very new, and very FREE, site.


Define success.

For me it would be a like minded woman I am attracted to!


yes i love it


It all depends on what you mean by success? If you are looking for a mate, it appears there has been success for some people. I have had success at meeting some very interesting people and having fun, too! I call that sucess! You should just stay and see what happens!

Thanks, I will see what happens


what do you mean by success? Marriage? Dating? Personal chats?

Dating n stuff i guess

@Waverunner98 Ok, I give. What is the "n stuff" part? LOL! πŸ™‚ Hooking up? As you read through these conversations, you will learn a few key things like

The site is very new still. It has thousands of members all over the world, but it's a big world, so there are not very many who live near each other YET.

The membership grows each and every day -- Yay!! -- so that means eventually more people will live near each other.

Many of us joined because it says "Atheist Dating" or whatever, I can't remember anymore. But, once we started reading and participating in conversations, we found that it was a pleasure just to BE here and to be around similarly-minded people (at least in one way, but usually more).

All that said, yes, I believe there have been a couple of in-person meetings and even a relationship or two.

Glad you've joined us, Waverunner98! Welcome.

@BlueWave this! Right here. That says it best, i think.


Yep. From day one.


I would have to say yes considering this site is more interesting than most dates I've been on in the last few years.


I don't seem to have made any friends yet. 😟


To echo @evidentialist, "From day one!" I'm not sure what Plenty of Fish is like these days and I'm not sure what other dating sites are out there. OK Cupid made several changes I didn't like, so I deleted my account.

I think when "back when dating sites started," there were so few, it was easier to "find dates," because everyone was concentrated in those few sites; however, now, there is a lot of competition. I hope you decide to give this one a chance.


Depends on your definition of success. I am satisfied so far as I explore it's potential value.

That's a good way to put it! Like minded people


Your question is too general.


I hope so


I've only recently joined this site, but occasionally someone pops up and starts doing a happy dance because of a successful romantic match.
They usually disappear afterward; no more need to look, I guess.


Guess that depends on the definition of "success". I've interacted with a whole host of folks here that I otherwise wouldn't have. It's a neat community that the site is fostering here. As for in person meetings? Not particularly in any rush.


Dude, you signed up because you saw a dating site that had a great big, welcoming word in its name... Agnostic. You've just walked into a club where pretty much everyone has a similar feeling on at least one topic, and that topic has been a defining element in human society from day one practically. Look around, you'll find plenty of interesting conversations to get involved in. Hopefully you'll meet some decent humans, make some new friends from distant lands that you might otherwise have never met, and, if you're lucky, you'll meet someone you really like that likes you back. If you're looking to get laid in the next half hour, try something like Tinder or I Give Zero Fucks About Who I Fuck or some such site. I imagine you'll stick around, though. Welcome to the group!

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