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LINK One-third of US parents plan to skip flu shots for their kids - CNN

What is it called when a "tool" is available but you refuse to use it?

HippieChick58 9 Nov 19

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These people never lived through the polio era and the fear it generated. I lived through whooping cough and it has affected my lungs all my life. These people are being so very ignorant, just look at the number of lives it has saved or prevented from getting the diseases.

Seasonal virus vaccine. Totally different story than childhood vaccines.
Vaccination is a process, neither good nor bad.

@powder Small pox,measels.polio, whooping cough are not seasonal and should be vaccinated against always.

@Marine Thats what I'm saying

@powder Ok good for you.


They should be charged with the spread of a virus with intent to kill.

@Morganfreeman Compared to the numeber that have never had to experience these diseases it is a no brainer.I know several people whose lives were cut short from polio and I survived whooping cough and it was not a very plesant experience and it has left me with lung proplems my whole life.These diseases would not be returning if everyone would get their vaccinations.

@Morganfreeman Hope you or those you know do not experience anyone of these terrible diseases that vaccines have prevented in the billions

@Morganfreeman Did youread the review under this about the children killed by flu 179?

@Morganfreeman Yup and I seem to be avoiding what they are carrying. Good nite for today

It does not transfer disease when it is a dead virus


According to the article 179 children died from flu related illnesses during the last flu season.


we are becoming a stronger nation


I know someone who nearly died of a nasty flu strain a few years back. Mid 30s and otherwise healthy, unvaccinated. He spent weeks in the hospital, some of that in a coma.

I am a nursing assistant. I have given bedside care to elderly people who live their entire lives severely disabled after surviving polio. I had a classmate who is deaf in one ear due to chickenpox.

I have never known anyone to be harmed by a vaccine other than feeling crappy the day after. That is what is supposed to happen. It's called an immune response. That's how they work. Other claims of dangers and disasters seem to be mostly correlations at best and reek of clickbait conspiracy

I get all recommended vaccines for my children and myself. People travel all over and congregate like never before. I think the benefit outweighs the risk.

MsAl Level 7 Nov 20, 2018

There’s no way I’m ever going to risk my children’s or my life for fear of getting a little shot. It’s beyond ridiculous.


Research shows that areas where kids aren't vaccinated have higher rates of illness related death of children. How the hell isn't this shouted from the rooftops?

Still the conspiracy theorists think scientists doing this research are making the big bucks. Not the CEOe of Big Pharma, but the research scientists making 100k if they're lucky. Such a huge conspiracy by the scientists to stay middle class and make tons of money for their stockholders and CEOs. The same CEOs who then peddle antiscience conspiracies because they're not smart enough to figure out what their employees do.

Keita Level 5 Nov 20, 2018

Interesting. Here in Australia, we have flu vaccinations. The current one covers 4 different strains. The only people who get the vaccination are the elderly and people who work in high risk jobs, perhaps those working at chemists or nurses. I've never had one. I did have the flu this year but my doc said it was mild and wouldn't have been part of the vaccination anyway. I eat healthy, go to the gym and wash my hands. That'll do me.

While in general I don't like to contradict people, I also think it is important particularly in an international forum that people are not misinformed. Lots of people in Australia get the flu shot. Many employers across all sectors, not just high risk, offer free vaccinations to their employees as it is cheaper than paying sick leave. The Government ofers free vaccination to quite a long list of people including chronically ill and over 65s (whom I don't consider to be "elderly" ). I have had the shot every year for at least the last fifteen - in that time I've not had the flu.

@DoctorJohn yes I found a source that said 8.3 million accessed flu vax in 2017. Quite surprised to see it as high as that. []. If people had to pay for it I wonder what the stats would be. Since you announce yourself as 'Doctor' I can only assume you're in a 'high-risk' job. New strains seem to develop every year, it would appear difficult for vaccinations to keep up. I'm happy to take my chances


I would describe them as a tool.


I have never had a flu shot, and never will.


This is a hard one. Vaccines for seasonal strains I am very skeptical of in terms of benefits and testing. Flu strains mutate so fast it's probably last years strain. Long term monitoring studies for seasonal strains? Childhood vaccinations are a different story.
I also have some sympathy with antivaxers argument that the state can't force people to inject their children.
Vaccination is preventative medicine, a process. Saying all are bad is crazy. Saying all are good is equally crazy IMO. The process is proven to work. Some are more effective than others. Some get rushed through and are approved because of political pressures eg the biohaz vaccinations service members got during the first gulf war/ Iraq caused many unforseen side affects.
It's a very gray area for me. But if those parents who opted out of giving their children this flu VAX by making an informed decision rather than some bs ideological reason, then I wouldn't think worse of them.




yea that's idiotic.. a lot say 'it makes you sick'... that's bullshit. i got a flu shot and pneumonia shot...topped it off with a tdap since i forgot when last time was. my arms still hurt and that was thursday!

I got my pneumonia and flu shots about 2 weeks ago. Then today got a call about participating in a study of a new pneumonia vaccine. Dang, I have to miss that one.

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