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Read this model citizen wikipedia info and then we can try to establish several issues. Sadly the wife has paid the ultimate price.


domestic violence is hard enough for the average person but it's just that much harder to exit that situation when the abuser is in law enforcement/justice so I've read and wonder if she ever applied for a restraining order against him. What happened if she did or if she didn't apply for one, why not? Would another judge believe her over him, a co-worker, who they would know on a professional level, just so sad.....

My take on restraining orders, is that they are all too often ineffective, especially in cases of domestic violence. I have noted, over the years, many, many instances like this one where the orders made absolutely no difference, or even seemed to exacerbate the problem.

I read that she did have a non-contact order against him. If I remember correctly, she was dropping off their kids at his sister's house as to not have any contact with him.

His ego is obviously too big for his brain as some people just do not like being told "no". His previous assault should've led to more jail time. I feel so bad for the kids having to witness all of this.


Jeezus H Fucking Kreist. People like this give humans a bad rep. If he's found guilty of killing his wife, he ought to never be allowed back into society. In fact, my personal preference would be a flight to the middle of the Pacific Ocean and ejection.


Yay, Ohio!


How do such violent men ever get into judgeships?


I love NPR. This situation not so much.

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