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What is your favourite thing to do on the weekend when it is pouring down with rain outside?
Its Sunday today and the rain has not stopped for a while, I won't complain as we went for over 2 months without any. I love getting a giant umbrella and going for a walk, always makes me smile, I love the smell of rain, especially summer rain. I always get hungry too, I love some Thai or Malaysian or spicy Chinese in this weather. What about you?

Sacha 7 Feb 10

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Every day is different. There's currently a Tornado Warning in effect. I'm still caffeinating.
I have sanding walls and putting on a coat of Killz, on my agenda.
We'll see what happens. Plans change. I'm flexible.


I go for walks as there’re is nothing like the smell of a forest in the rain.


Why don't you step outside and get wet?


Book. Tv. Movie. Computer. For a convenient warmer-upper: those spicy cup-a-soups or black tea/coffee. I never did pick-up the drinking alcohol at home habit. (I love the rain as much as the sun. Sure, I find cover when its absolutely pouring. But I do the same when its absolutely stinking hot. But for light it on my head/face/shoulder.)

Beautiful feeling, especially after it has been too hot for too many days 🙂

  1. Why is it tomorrow where you are and yesterday for everyone else?

  2. Why do you have the same name as my cat? His passeport pour animal de compagnie number is FRSN 0 6216567 so you can check.

The question is Why did you name your cat after me? And I will wait for you slow poke to catch up in time 😉

@Sacha My cat was born in Arizona and was adopted by my former neighbours who were French, They named him. I have vet documents from the USA, Germany, France and now here.


Well that walk and the Chinese food sounds great, during a rainy day i like to exercise or what a movie, kinda depends, games with friends is good too


I wish it would rain here, I would just go out and sit in it.

Yes you need some!!! I will send some over 😉


Cup of coffee,some snacks,a sketchbook and colored pencils. Best therapy ever.


I'm partial to the N's: Napping. Netflix. Noshing. Nothing. 🙂

The weather today has been brought to you by the letter N


Where I live we have snow, and single digit temperatures on the Fahrenheit scale so Celcius is about negative 10. I'm not going outside unless I have to. I have 8 or 9 books from the library that are waiting to be read. I have a quilt in progress for the new grandbaby that will be here in May, I have some delicious teas. I have no shortage of stuff to do, even if it is Netflix and chill.


I'm always up for Thai food. In fact, that's what I have for breakfast every day.
I live in Thailand, so no wonder!

During rainy season, I lay my stuff out on the bed, then go read a Kindle book, watch a Netflix series, do the exercises I do inside anyway, such as racing up and down the long hall on my (new invention) gallopers, doing pull-ups, taking the elevator to the ground floor, then walking up the stairs.

When I hear the pouring rain and booming wind waning, I quickly grab my umbrella and ease out the door. The storm has to be over, though, since during the monsoon rains, rain doesn't fall straight down, but fills the air from all directions, and the high wind gusts make umbrellas useless.

When I commuted to work on my motorbike during rainy season I wore a Frogg rain suit.

Real Thai food nomnom I miss Thailand 😟


Listen to music, watch YouTube videos, play on the computer, relax and take naps.

Currently listening to a Greek woman singing Bob Dylan in French.

@El-loco YouTube is your friend.


I don't know what to tell you. I like walking in the rain and getting wet... been doing it since a kid. We, in Puerto Rico we have rainy weather food... like codfish soup with avocado or shrimp gumbo and tostones (fried, smashed plantines). And a lot of drinking... rum drinking.

OooOooOoOhhh yummy

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