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I've made level 7( wipes tears froms eye)..this, is The most ...(sobs)..(sniffles)..unbelievable moment of my ..(smuges mascara from teary eyes) life!
I would like to thank the Admins for their undying support and belief in me..(lifts level 7 wand in the air) and to all the the people that came to read my posts and commented on them..I would also like to thank those that read and voted on my posts..A big shout out to craycray girlfriend and Didi and Btroe for your unrelenting ribbing..and hippiechic for your quiet support and so many more of you that I can't name..just because( music starts to play)..Thank you all ( shout over music)..Thank You All..exits stage left..

Charlene 9 Feb 10

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You didn't thank god!

Also I forgot to mention my Mom & Dad...


Congrats! We like you, we really like you!

Sir, I declare you're giving me the VApors..I suddenly feel faint..


Congrats!!! And please feel free to give me a heads up when you approach level 8...I'll take care of that sound engineer so I doesn't interrupt you again! (LOL)

Nena Level 6 Feb 11, 2018

I will..thanks, I'm honored that an emissary from Level 8 would be willing to offer insight to a Level 7 plebe..

@Charlene I'm flattered, but I'm only a level 5 and probably don't yet qualify to 'represent'. I just don't like to see acceptance speeches cut off. Congrats again!

@Nena see I should wear my seeing eyeglasses b4 answering comments..and thanks again Nena..I had a Gf named Nena awhile back she was an awesome loverfriend!


Congratulations 🙂

Thanks Joe..


i have a tiara for you

Oooo a sparkly there a golden 7 on it?..thank you Btroje

@Charlene of course


Um..what's the deal on the points?
However, I'm impressed by how it seems to motivate people, with no discernible benefit except bragging rights, but then, that's what motivates online gamers also!

It's that ruuush of Power..a feeling of exaltion in reaping untold benefits in a secret Higher Level of..whatever it is you achieve..I's all so new and wonderous! And thankyou, thankyou verramuch.


Congratulations! You're an inspiration.

I know, right?...oh! and thanks..


I think I have 5k to go before I'm there. Congrats

Thank you ...the air up here in Level 7 is intoxicating...


you forgot to thank your mother too

And you forgot to thank My Dad..

@Charlene thanks Charlene's Dad! (wtf?)

@BenPike exactly!!


@BenPike ..weeping..


Congratulations! I'm going to make it to level 6 shortly. Level 7... Very impressive!

It takes the steel will of a woman that is willing to give what ever it takes to reach for the top..a will to surrender her dignity and humanity...a lust for power and fame, unparalleled in the anal of this site..


One stage at a time for me, clawing my way to level 5 at the moment. Well done to you.

Remember WE on Level 7 were in your place once! must continue that savage takes blood and takes claws of titanium to make it..thank you.

2 you slow down, you hear! This will create a lot of work for older people, just trying to keep pace! I bet you want breeze on through the next 40,000 points! Congrats, though on this one!

I have adorned the girdle of battle and bound tight my loins and shall sallie forth once more to duel any that try to defeat me or hinder my journey to Level rightful place, snatched from me when but a babe in swaddling linen..I shall..hehe sorry..err thanks Freedom..

@Charlene OMG...and I don't mean the religious one!!!

@Freedompath that's greekish like..the wicked old poems from you know the old storytellers..


Yay !!!!!!

Yaaay Me!!!!..


Congratulations . I can only dream of reaching those dizzying heights ! Please , however , don't let this new found accolade damage your humour .

Thanks my lowly Level 4 person..continue to persevere in your desperate quest to attain Level 5..look to the North at dawn on the 5th day..

@Charlene I'm dumbfounded that you deigned to reply to my sycophantic praise , this is proof that making the appropriate propriations will lead to my eventual reward .I will search the heavens 5 minutes after the dawn on the 5 th day of the 5 th month chanting your name .


Congrats! 😀

Sacha Level 7 Feb 11, 2018

Thank you my Level 7's awesome being a Peer up here..


Lolololol..( courtsies deeply)


Cheer cheer!

Admin Level 8 Feb 11, 2018
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