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Why do we pretend that equality exists for women or people of color when the power is owned by 79% of white men in politics and commerce?

Marine 8 Nov 30

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Still awaiting the results of the feminist and the trans communities eating each other alive. Once they figure out which of them is more repressed (as they repress each other), I am sure they will let me know how their battle was my fault.

Sounds like you feel repressed.


men are insecure and should be as woman are generally better humans and mentally tougher. everyone and every living thing would love to have power over everything else.


I am a professor of natural sciences at a university and have been teaching for over 20 years. 20 years ago the classrooms were full of white men, today they are, by and large, filled with women of all races that out work, out score, show more passion, and work harder than most male students. My prediction is that in 15 more years women will run more than 60% of the government and private sector. I am happy about that because it I hope it means more compassion and less support of aggression across the board.

djs64 Level 6 Nov 30, 2018

One thing I just thought of. I am a 68 yr old male. Very engaged mentally with the world around me/
I recall the women movements and read about the many that came before, A wonderful cause, the thing that gets me is having raised two daughters the idea of T and A remains solidly embedded.
My daughter wanted to be a cheerleader and I just hated it Skimpy close and simply for the males. Why did we not get above that .

EMC2 Level 8 Nov 30, 2018

Because they NEED to believe it, They are living in a world set up for them and by them, Throw a few carrots out to the farm animals and all looks good.

EMC2 Level 8 Nov 30, 2018

It's all part of the political conservative "good ole boys club". I am on a couple different sites where people putting up posts are identified by whatever name they choose but the "good ole boys" become quickly recognizable. About 70% of their posts are rants of how people who do racist things are unfairly identified as racists, about 25% are about how they are afraid of women because women all make up false stories about being sexually abused by men, and 5% are just sarcastic and/or mean comments or childish locker room humor. Most, BTW, seem to be divorced (surprise, surprise).

OCJoe Level 6 Nov 30, 2018

I'm not pretending.


A man on a dating site sent me an email today saying that people were not "equal." I agreed with him on several levels saying that we are not born with the same level of intelligence and other factors BUT ostensibly we are equal under the law (which is cultural lip service as, of course, as we are not).

He was an avid Trumpass supporter and said that feminists--and, I assume, people of color--have made men align with a strong man like Trump. He also said that he was "glad" (his word) to hear several women question whether women should be allowed to vote.

Equal? Not as long as men like this are in charge of the government.


Or the number of women not listened to when assaulted; or the number of minorities killed by cops, especially when innocent. Ask yourself, how many white mass killers get talked down if they don't kill themselves?


I'm white. I don't and never have pretended that equality exists for everyone. The only people who might say that, are white men and white women who are either ignorant or think they might lose something if this were to happen.


Oh, don't get me started!


Women now control more than half of US personal wealth, which 'will only increase in years to come'

Just sayin'


There are quite a few of us who don't pretend any such thing.
We are also constantly being bombarded with the whining of those who swear
that pointing out the disparities, both historic and contemporary, make us the ones who are "sexist".

Men are now whining that they are the ones being discriminated against.
They are ever bit as bad as the believers who scream "discrimination" when they're told that they can't force their beliefs on everyone else.

On another thread, earlier today, I called someone out as being a sexist. He took exception and continued whining.

People generally don't want to give up power willingly. Many of course, just have gotten used to the way it is, and why would it change? It takes time and work. We are all in it together.


so true... The numbers may even be greater than this?

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