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Is Valentine's Day here yet?

I can't wait until it's over because I'm tired of being reminded every little second that I'm single and that I'll never find the one and have children with that special guy. It's exhausting and I really want to cry but can't. I feel like I'm never going to be good enough for anyone because I'm so freaking different. I'm awkward and I wish I am extroverted but I'm not. Rant over. Thanks for listening.

taemaria27 5 Feb 12

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Celebrate yourself! Be thankful you are healthy(I'm guessing), and, well, alive! Relationships can be overrated, and if the "right person" is supposed to come along, he/she will. If not, well, you have you, yes? And you are the MOST IMPORTANT person at this moment. Do something for someone else, volunteer, do something YOU want to do! I'm dressing up, and going to a myself. I also sent gifts to the grandkids, and bought candy for the associates at my favorite coffee place. A man/woman can never complete your life, as you are already a complete person; they can only compliment your life. So you do you, and stop feeling sorry for yourself! I've found out the more desperate you are, the more desperate you appear to others! There are worse things to be than single. I'll jump off my soap box now. 😉


Live your life. The right person will come along, and he will accept and cherish you the way you are. Do not make the mistake of getting in a relationship with someone just to be in a relationship. You will be fine.


Don't listen to them, in time, everything will be fine. I think I'm in a similar issue. I try to keep fit, I try to be friendly and nice but almost every girl I meet that I am really interested in is in a relationship. Because of my work and school schedule, I hardly meet girls and the few I happen to meet are either married or has a boyfriend. It can be depressing at times.

Just this last Saturday, I met a girl in the club that I use to work with in the office. The first time she joined our office, I became completely in love with her personality and she was very beautiful too. I didn't want to hit on her then because we were working in the same office. we both switched jobs last year. So when I met her last Saturday, i was super excited, I approached her, offered her a drink and gave her my card to text me. On chatting with her yesterday, she told me that she has a boyfriend. We still had a friendly and interesting chat nevertheless.

It's not just this girl, every girl I'm super interested in is in relationship. But I know in time, I will find the one for me.

obis Level 6 Feb 12, 2018

Any day that celebrates couples familys birth and the How we are meant to be in eyes of the church is all BS be who you are Celebrate your Uniqueness and individuality .. There can and only ever will Be One of You Celebrate that Fact.. Wake up and look at yourself in the Mirror valentines Morning Say to that Image you see before you .. I am unique I matter I am Beautiful .. I did not wake to a controlling bossy Partner whos real interest is in what he or she can get for him/herself . Make a mess if you want eat a huge meal of whatever it is that makes you Happy Celebrate you for Who You Are . Go out on Valentines day be your own Boss shout yourself something Nice just for You and be Proud of who you are .. Get on the Phone Thank your Parents for allowing yourself to be who you are ... relationships can be Hard work and they take alot of freedoms from self for the end reward of being close to someone sometimes is not worth the trouble wait and don't jump into a relationship because thats what society expects wait till mr Right or Mrs right comes along it might not happen tomorrow but It will happen Have Patience ...


Hey if you need to rant and blow off steam you go ahead but don't make yourself believe that being different is a bad thing. I'm sure you don't really believe that. Someone once said, "negative thoughts are like weeds in the garden of our mind. ". Let them grow and you'll have a garden full of weeds. Just something to think about. Don't be so hard on yourself.


I do not celebrate Valentine. Read why in:



It's just in American that happens, and only after the holiday card and chocolate companies started promoting it.

Here, on Valentine's Day, Thai students give their favorite teachers homemade Valentine's Day cards, often with chocolates and a single (silk) rose as well. They give small store-bought cards to each other, though at the schools, but it's mostly to cater to western customs, as they do with Christmas..grabbing certain fun elements from popular US holidays.

But in Thailand, nobody cares, or bothers you if you are single. In fact, for Thai working women, it's normal to be single, to prevent spouses from stealing their paycheck money for gambling purposes.

I've been single in Thailand since 2010 and the only time my marital status came up is when I've been talking about my kids and someone asks where their dad lives. Then I just say I'm divorced, and nobody comments afterward, or cares.


You're only 27, and you're beautiful..
Don't be so hard on yourself...


I'm actually looking forward to it this year. My 72-year-old aunt has a date! First one she's
been on since before she married my uncle, she was 19 when they married. My uncle died
in 2011, and this man has been asking her out for over a year.
She called me to ask if I thought it was 'okay', and if it would hurt my feelings if she went out with someone? I told her she'd mourned long enough, and it wouldn't be remotely disrespectful to his memory, or anything else, if she went. I also told her, when she's ready,
she should throw him down and have her way with him. I'm excited for her. There's no reason why she shouldn't still have a love life, if she wants one. I'm not hating on Valentine's Day this year, and I hope she has a fantastic time!!!!

@evestrat She's one of my most favorite people in the world. My uncle's passing was really hard on her. I'm just so pleased she's getting out with someone who is obviously truly interested in her. She deserves it!

@KKGator If she throws him down - make sure she has condoms with her!

@RavenCT We've already discussed safe sex. Much to her chagrin. It was pretty hilarious.

@KKGator Well that age group is at high risk. So good for you!


Be who you are! I'm an educated, terminally degreed farm boy, who is an introvert. It seems like I'm living in the extrovert's world but I wouldn't trade places with them🙂🙂 That's my two cents. And I know what it's like to be single. I was 30 years old when I married. Now, 25 years later, I'm single again and doing just fine. But it does get a tad lonely at times.

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