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Do you find it attractive dating someone who smokes cigarettes?

First of all, when I was 17, a teenage friend wanted me to start smoking cigarettes to be cool like her. My mom had told me to never smoke and that it gives you bad health issues. I took one puff of my friend's cigarette, then coughed up a lung. I handed it back to her, and said, "Ew." Since then I have never touched another cigarette. My first ex, he smoked cigarettes, but mostly other people's butts. He put them in a weed pipe. Being a drug dealer, yet could not afford a pack of cigarettes? He had hundreds of dollars. Anyway, kissing him was like literally licking an ash tray. ( Yes, I've read that book) I stopped kissing him for the most part of the relationship. I don't think I would want to date anyone who smokes, again. This is not to offend anyone whom smokes. It's just my preference in who I would want to date. Someone who doesn't smoke. How do you feel about dating someone who does or doesn't smoke cigarettes?

Sarahroo29 8 Feb 13

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Would not even consider a smoker.....

jasen Level 8 Feb 13, 2018

I won't ever again.


I'm fine with weed, but not cigarettes. Yuck. I smoked for 20 years. I don't want to smell it anymore.

Good job on quitting.

@Sarahroo29 Ty!

Funny, I can't stand the smell of weed these days.

@girlwithsmiles This relationship is not gonna work out.


Nope. I quit smoking almost 30 years ago, and really can't stand the smell. I also don't want to have to take care of someone later in life when the effects on their health begin to manifest.

Good job.


No, it's yucky to me. I don't mind drinking in moderation or occasional weed, but smoking is a hard limit.

It's gross to me.


I'm a smoker. I hate the smell of them. I can't stand the taste of them. The woman I'm seeing currently is a nonsmoker. I don't smoke for a few hours before I'm going to see her until after we've parted. It's rough being a smoker and dating a nonsmoker, and vice versa.

One of these days I'll quit, and make it stick for once.

d_day Level 7 Feb 13, 2018

Good luck.

They've tried that , don't smoke before they come to see me , for a little bit . You can't scrub your lungs . That smell ane taste do not go away , To a non-smoker , you still stink . The only person you're fooling is yourself .

@d_day Don't quit quitting. Third time was a charm for me. That was 17 years ago. As a doctor said, using nicotine gum for the rest of your life is still very good. It's not the nicotine that kills you. It's the smoke in your lungs.

@Cast1es I'm not trying to fool anyone. I'm not hiding my habit from her. I made her fully aware on our first meeting that I was a smoker. I do these things out of consideration for her, and for no other reason. And I don't just avoid smoking for a few hours before seeing her. I also shower, do the full mouth cleaning routine, and put on clean clothes that have not seen cigarette smoke since being laundered. And, according to her, it works.


I never smoked and I quit drinking. I would prefer a SO to neither smoke and drink moderately or not at all. Alcoholism is a nightmare - I was going to say probably worse than the smoking - but this is considering not having to deal with cancer.

Those are both totally reasonable standards. My ex is hitting bottom with an alcohol problem, and I feel sorry for him, but I'm glad it's not happening in my living room or bedroom.


@Lysistrata Awe. Sorry to hear that.


No! Not anymore. Its gross. There was a time in my life when it would not have mattered. It would be a deal breaker today. (Maybe 1 or 2 a year, if you have been drinking, would be ok) Weed is ok in moderation.

It's gross. I don't smoke weed either.

@Sarahroo29 Me either but I don't mind if others do.


My wife was a smoker. She had many health issues as a result of it and finally died of lung cancer. That is a terrible way to go. I do not wish to go through that again and I will not date a smoker now.


Always hated the smell, especially because it gives me migraines. I did however sit through it all one time because I respected a person who just so happened to be a smoker. We had some pretty in-depth conversations. But I highly doubt I could stomach it in a partner.


I'd never date a smoker. If I wanted to kiss an ashtray, well, then I'd kiss an ashtray.


OH HELL NO!.. It's like kissing an ashtray.. and let me be the first to say, as a former smoker.. it was not good but one that is in the smoke, can't see beyond it until they are completely out of it. Yes very grose.. its just as bad as kissing someone who drinks coffee.. nothing is worse than smokers that drink coffee on top of it.. just enough to make you doubly puke.. ish!


If an online dating profile says Smoker, I move on immediately, no looking back.


I will not date a smoker period. Their hair, their clothes, everything smells like cigarettes. It makes me throw up.




No. Smoking is a deal breaker, or rather a non-starter, for me.

Having said that, I do volunteer work at a place here in town and a nice gal keeps sidling up to talk... she's a smoker. Not sure how to proceed. 😟


Seems like all of my girlfriends smoked or picked it up. All of my family smoked. I never did and never will. Nope, I'll never, ever date another smoker.


Smoking is a nasty habit. Just don't understand the desire.


I can’t deal with cigarette smoke, weed is fine. I used to smoke in the army but quit, now I can’t stand it.

Me neither.


Smoking is disgusting, I won't date a smoker. The smell gags me, the taste of their kisses upsets my stomach, and the health issues it causes them and can cause you as a nonsmoker are deadly

I know. It's gross.


I have dated and had relationships with women who smoke but they have to offer something exceptional for me to do that. I am an affectionate man and I enjoy kissing and I kiss with tight lips when kissing a smoker and I enjoy soft, moist, sensual kisses. Your mileage may vary.



Ick. No. Hard limit, and huge turn-off.


It makes me feel more comfortable to know someone can share a vice with me. I know it's a filthy habit, and I don't consider it a fetish. But I like to see a woman do it.


Take a look at my profile pic, I am not winning any beauty competitions anytime soon and can't really afford to be picky. However, I hate smoking so much and always have for as long as I can remember I would have to say that I would not date a smoker. I do not think that if someone smokes that they are a bad person or immoral in any way, it is just simply a habbit that I hate (me being the irrational one if anything)

I don't like the smell of the smoke.


My father , brother , and grandfather smoked . I will NEVER date a smoker . Why open the door to anything , I do not want in my life . I'm not desperate . Which is why I think should include personal habits , in the questions . For instance , having a glass of wine once in 6 months , is not the same as having a six pack of beer after every meal . It changes a person's personality . Getting involved with anyone who hides who they truly are , IS going to cause problems in whatever future they create . I also think your relationship with other members of your family can either enhance or destroy a relationship . Do you visit your parents once a year or three times a day ?

My mom is dead, my dad is in OR.

Pretty much never since they are in Arlington National Cemetary.

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