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Do you find it attractive dating someone who smokes cigarettes?

First of all, when I was 17, a teenage friend wanted me to start smoking cigarettes to be cool like her. My mom had told me to never smoke and that it gives you bad health issues. I took one puff of my friend's cigarette, then coughed up a lung. I handed it back to her, and said, "Ew." Since then I have never touched another cigarette. My first ex, he smoked cigarettes, but mostly other people's butts. He put them in a weed pipe. Being a drug dealer, yet could not afford a pack of cigarettes? He had hundreds of dollars. Anyway, kissing him was like literally licking an ash tray. ( Yes, I've read that book) I stopped kissing him for the most part of the relationship. I don't think I would want to date anyone who smokes, again. This is not to offend anyone whom smokes. It's just my preference in who I would want to date. Someone who doesn't smoke. How do you feel about dating someone who does or doesn't smoke cigarettes?

Sarahroo29 8 Feb 13

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I have dated a couple of smokers, briefly, it turns me off.


I spent 6+ years in the Army and smoked about a pack (yes, one) in all those 6 years trying to figure out what the attraction was. Cigarettes just annoyed the heck out of my already aggravated allergies.
I have dated one smoker, and probably will never do that again.

My ex was a non smoker and even more anti smoking than I was. One of our kids, in her rebellious phase started smoking, and hot boxing. She got in trouble at school and got expelled for the rest of the semester. I was a stay at home mom at the time. Her punishment was worse than death. She had to quit smoking cold turkey and was grounded until she got back in school. She had to spend nearly every waking moment with ME!. She never smoked again. We nearly killed each other, but today she is an amazing responsible young adult.

Good for her.


Only if it's cannabis, and I prefer it's smoked on the balcony as it could cause an asthma attack. Edibles are preferable.


I might date a smoker, but I guess I'd always have the stress of health risks in the back of my mind. (I know you've got to die of something, but having lost a friend to emphysema has clouded my vision a little).



I don't want to smell them, breathe smoke or deal with the health issues. Lost two partners to smoking related disease. It took me several attempts, but I am smoke free for over six years, and I still have cravings. I'll never start again, but I hate being around them. Still have friends and family who smoke, but I am not adding more.

Oh, I don't stand next to smokers.

@Sarahroo29 I can smell them from ten feet away. Ew!

@pegasus1074 Yuck.


I smoked for years but I able to quit 17 years ago. I wouldn’t even consider dating someone who is a smoker.

Good for you.


Don't smoke any more, but I love vaping.....



I used to smoke and don't now but I do like the taste of someone's mouth who has been smoking. it's not sexual though


for health reasons ie mine and theres, it is not worth smoking.


No smokers for me because I loved it so much, I'd probably start again.

Don't do that. 🙂


My must nots are: Religion, Smoking, Drugs, Abuse of Alcohol, lack of intelligence, dishonesty, irresponsible



I have smoked most of my life. It kind of defines you more than anything really. I worked it out once that I had 3 times as many gay friends as non-smokers. I started off with cigarettes but now I smoke a pipe, which smells even worse but traps more tar so is better for me. My daughter asked me at 13 if I could just smoke cigarettes when I came to see her. She did not mind the smell as much as my pipe. I did think about it but rejected the idea because I wanted her to be repulsed by the habit. I only date smokers as we are breed apart.

Oh, okay. Pipes are cool.

@Sarahroo29 It stinks worse than ciggies.

@273kelvin Ew.


My neurologist has told me that the issues in my brain (white matter disease, evidence of stroke, and a small non-cancerous tumor) were probably caused by smoking/second hand smoke. Whether is is or not I'm not going to debate; it's there and I don't want it getting worse. I have also had a heart attack, and nicotine constricts your blood vessels. I personally believe it's in my best interests to stay away from cigarette smoke. Because of my various health issues I would not date a person who smokes.

You story reminds me of an NPR story. The fully staffed ER that usually encountered between 8 and 12 heart attacks on a Friday night only had one (or two (been a long time)) people show up with coronary difficulties. The following nights presented a significantly smaller number of similar patients. Eventually a (forgot his role Dr, and or the administrator began to look for a reason). They noticed the first night with so few patients was the first night a "No Smoking" ban was introduced in the bars and restaurants. This prompted a long study of the effects of smoking as prior to this, not smoking was not recognized to have such positive immediate health effects. They concluded smoking also causes blood to become sticky and people with at risk coronary conditions were at higher risk levels and were being pushed over the edge by being in a room with a smoker.


Even when I did smoke? I never dated a smoker and could not understand how they could get around that taste? Eww.
That being said to become hooked you get past hacking up a lung and turning pea soup green from it.
I actually met a Heroin Addict who told me he could quite Heroin but not cigarettes? It put in perspective.
I quit after seeing my non-smoking BIL develop Lung cancer on top of his Bowel Cancer (it spread to his lungs). It is not the way I would ever choose to go. That was the final incentive. I quit.


Both my younger brothers and my grandmother died of lung cancer (all were smokers). Did them dying get my sister to quit? Nope

@kiramea I know. I had to do it for me? But I saw something that just shocked the crap out of me. A non-smoker with lung cancer. (sigh). And I think it was enough emotional impact to make me stop.
I wish it had been enough to get your sister to quit.
I have a friend - his wife has lung cancer - she quit 10 years ago. He still smokes. Outside granted - but she's on oxygen? Now that's addiction.

My sister was a respiratory therapist. She knows better.

@kiramea Yup Medical Professionals who smoke. I saw a dissected lung of a person who died of lung cancer and still returned to smoking!
You have to find your reason to do it.
I've known so many Nurses and other health professionals who smoked. It is puzzling.
Has she ever even attempted to quit?

She's tried many time. For the most part she uses an e-cig now, but as far as I'm concerned it's almost as bad. From what I've read, cigarettes are harder to quit than crack (which she did kick with no problem years ago).

@kiramea It really binds into brain chemistry. - And if you have a psych. diagnosis (Depression etc) It's been proven to be even worse. - Like I said met a Heroin addict who said he could quite H but not cigs..
That being said I quit several times for months at a time. And went back. Now it's been almost 2 decades and I will take a cast iron fry pan to my head if I even think about it.


Cigarettes are gross and disgusting, and Id like to see the price go to $20 a pack.

gater Level 7 Apr 16, 2018

Me too.


I smoked for 35 years. I gave up 10 years ago. I look back with total disbelief that I ever smoked those obnoxious little constructs. Yet I found it one of the most difficult things to stop doing. People that smoke stink rotten to me now. I could never get intimate with a smoking woman. In fact, I would date a woman that had a strong religious belief over a smoking one.


Everyone has addictions. Even if they don’t want to admit it. Some drink wine, some exercise, some gamble, some eat, some clean.

I smoked cigarettes for 25 years, quit when I turned 35. I drank for 20 years, quit when I turned 30. Cigarettes and alcohol did nothing for me, in the end. They made me sick, and drained my savings.

Not my favorite thing, to kiss and taste cigarettes or alcohol, but I’ve smoked pot for 30 years. So no judgements, just preference.


As a smoker I prefer smokers
Getting ones ear bashed by nagging nonsmokers is unpleasant.


I don't like dating someone who smokes. Everything smells like cigarettes, his clothes, his hair, his breath. Ick. Not to mention that I really don't want to have to inhale the smoke for personal and health (chronic bronchitis) reasons. I suppose that if I really, really liked someone, I'd try to overlook it.


I don't care either way rather a smoker than a drinker or worse....a vegan aaaahhhh jk


That 'tried it and rejected it' was my experience, too. So glad I never started. I find it mostly a repulsive habit, and sadly an indicator of an irrational or poor choice somewhere along the line. That being said, the pleasure smokers get from it and the addictive nature certainly leads to people continuing to smoke. They still seem quite successful at luring in a percentage of the youth market, as well.


I would prefer someone who doesn't smoke but if there's more that binds us. together than smoking, perhaps I can to torelate it, I have conflicting feelings about smoking And people who kiss their pets. Both are in my red zone.


I have never smoked.... cigarettes! I don't smoke weed. But I respect any human habit or vice.

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