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Does anyone else not like the sound of "agnostic" literally? It starts out like "angry" and then gets nasal and ick.

Would you switch to Humanist for no real good reason?

CallMeDave 8 Dec 9

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Not wishing to cause offense to anyone here, BUT, to my mind 'Agnostic' comes across to me as being 'fence-sitter' mindset in that an Agnostic is, perhaps, simply hedging their bets in a horse race where they are hoping that the emaciated, blind donkey might just beat the Thoroughbred across the finish line.
But everyone IS entitled to their own opinions, are they not?


It’s always made me think of a mixture of eggs and something nasty… and not that much easier to spell than atheist.. And it’s near impossible for me not to recall someone ..decades ago simply calling them ‘fence sitters.’ Humanist sounds like a religion, but then who cares 😉

Varn Level 8 Dec 9, 2018

sounds like a vanilla magazine in a doctor's office.


You are correct, it is not a pretty word to the ear. I enjoy the sound of supercilious.

I see what you did there

before I look up words, I make a guess at what they mean. I had this confused with superfluous.


I use atheist because as I understand the terms I’m not an agnostic. is not a great site. is worth a look. More to the point whatever makes you comfortable is how you should roll. I don’t find the word problematic. As a vegan I sometimes feel “plant based” to be most accurate but it’s two words and vegan is succinct. There are still more things I could do to be a better vegan as it goes well behond diet... but if I was only 90% atheist I’d be an agnostic.

Lately I'm saying "I only eat plants" (in a carefully-curated, bashful tone). A mouthful, but seems to be well-received. I hate having to learn verbal jiu-jitsu on account of drama that has nothing to do with me, but then again I'm all about results......



I will mix and match any of these depending on the context, and my mood. Words are elastic; language is nuanced.

I’ve always liked freethinkers ~

@Varn oh snap! Good catch!


Actually for me I call myself an Agnostic Atheist.
Meaning, Atheist, because I don't believe in a god (s).
Agnostic, because I can't prove it either way.

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