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Who would you like to see as a speaker

I asked a similar question of who is a favorite speaker and unsurprisingly got a long list of old white guys and Neil Tyson.
So lets go the other way because I for one would like to see more women speakers.
And a big thanks to Akfishlady for pointing out that there is an actual "create poll" option, seems I overlooked it.

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ThomasLevi 6 Feb 14

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Rebecca Solnit, specifically on her book "A Paradise Made in Hell: The remarkable communities that arise out of disaster"


Can I add an additional speaker? I have heard Cara Santa Maria at a FFRF conventions. Also transcripts of Ayaan Hirsi Ali but I feel an important one missing from the list is Maryam Namazie
[] Her group, ex-Muslims is a very important and gutsy group.


If this trend continues in Congress come November it will be Adam Schiff otherwise everyone else is on closed captioning. I like it quiet.


god (if there is one) and everyone could see it at the same time, hear it at the same time, saying the same thing, to show if it really exists.

Here, here!

And on that note, whoever runs TheTweetofGod would be fun.


A speaker for what?

I guess I've been living under a rock for 51 years. I've never heard of any of those people.

Well, look them up.

@ThomasLevi If my curiosity were stronger about the subject I would have already. But thanks for the suggestion!

@BlueWave fair enough


Jim Jefferies.

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