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What quality(ies) of the opposite sex do you appreciate the most?

So, today (December 20) is the International Human Solidarity Day, and I thought it would serve as a fitting occasion for us to say something nice about each another, if nothing else, just to remind us how much we take each other for granted.

I invite everyone to talk, in a genuine non-sarcastic way, about positive attributes that they think are generally more pronounced in the opposite sex or among the transgender/genderfluid community. So, here I go first:

The thing I admire the most about women is their greater ability to show compassion and empathy. It is sometimes frustrating to see the number of men who just don't give a shit about the fate of other human beings or species. I feel we would've been living on a very soulless and merciless planet if it wasn't for women.

By Darius776
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I appreciate the same qualities in all people. Genuineness, compassion, honesty...

If we want to be thought of as equals we should, by definition, recognize those traits in everyone and not pigeonhole anyone into what were once considered "gender specific" qualities or identities.

Thank You ~


I love discovering that a man has paid attention, to his surroundings, people and other living things. Once there has been awareness, other traits reveal themselves:concern, love , appreciation.


Hmmm...this is a hard one. I feel sometimes my life has been coming in contact with a series of takers. As if I have this sign on my forehead that I can't see, but everyone else sees that states "Go ahead-Take advantage of me." But then, I live in the world of education, and that pretty much sums up that world. Lol.

So, for International Human Solidarity Day, the quality I appreciate most in the opposite gender is their ability to compartmentalize. Letting the noise and distractions go and really being able to focus in has led the world to so much innovation and advancement.

linxminx Level 7 Dec 20, 2018

The ability, and willingness to show love. I once dated a young man who absolutely hated his Mother. She had nothing to do with why he hated her, she was just the scape goat. Then I met a man who not only loved his Mother but was kind and considerate to those who could do nothing for him. We have been married for 36 years and I still admire him.

PammiJ Level 5 Dec 20, 2018

This is wonderful! It's so nice to hear such a man exists, and that you have such a good marriage.


I love the way... men smell, their ability to be all I want when I need to be comforted, their ability to "man handle" objects as if they are a piece of string, their ability to have a completely different perspective on just about anything in life.

I love that they "think" they know nothing about the female anatomy, yet they can stroke a female like a well tuned instrument!

The biggest thing I love about men... they have PARTS I don't, and I love those PARTS! Yummy!

Hmm I like that answer.


I admire men who are philanthropic, giving to causes that benefit our fellow human beings, be it education, eldercare, the homeless, or the sick. Also, volunteerism. This tells me that they are not tribal and care deeply about humanity in general, apart and aside from those people that they are related to or know well. To feel compassion for strangers and feel driven to help them is the very definition of altruism. Aside from that, I cannot really ascribe any specific merit-worthy traits by sex.


As far as most positive attributes go, I think either sex can exhibit them. What I think is amazing about women, though, is that they can have babies. Not that I want any more babies, but it is amazing. Without women (or men, for that matter), we wouldn't exist... Additionally, I think women in general are emotionally "softer" in a good way, which seems to be a nice complement to most men. Maybe because of less testosterone? I also admire their bodies. Did I mention I admire their bodies?

sfvpool Level 7 Dec 20, 2018

i am not being sarcastic when i say that i refuse to generalize. i don't divide up admirable qualities (or the other kind) by gender.


genessa Level 8 Dec 20, 2018

No gender holds a monopoly on any admirable quality, but there are certain things that men and women excel at on average. I think that's worth celebrating.

@PalacinkyPDX oh i HATE that book! i am against everything it stands for!


@PalacinkyPDX ugh yes i am afraid so. fortunately for me i saw that book at the same time i discovered richard feynman's books, looked one way, looked the other, went with feynman, never looked back!



I admire compassion and intelligence. I find a man’s voice to be much more of.a turn-on than his looks.

Busylady Level 4 Dec 31, 2018

A nice deep voice will melt me in seconds!


Blunt honesty. I know it seems like a tough one to accept for most, but not me. At least with someone who is blunt, I know what to expect.


Ambition, intellect, and desires me

Jaed Level 5 Dec 25, 2018

What quality do I appreciate the most? Their willingness to have sex with me. Those that don't want to I appreciate as people and get on with life.


Kind, Caring, Understanding, Affectionate, Passionate, Open-Minded, Loyal, Truthful and Honest.


I absolutely love the more compassionate and nurturing nature of the feminine. I love the gentleness, caring, and "softness". I love the antithesis of the masculine. It drives me wild with desire.


I admire the fact men have the ability to be stronger (I work out every day and can never attain their muscular level), they can pee standing outside without pissing on their own sneakers (sucks 4 my sneakers), I am attracted to men-scent, body, some set of make believe attributes: eye contact, I lean towards long hair hippie old music fans, jeans, sandals or work boots, a confident walk, smile, sense of humor. It's all ephemeral. Attraction is in "my" head for whatever past life experiences put there. Men also like to build things, I admire that. I wish I was handier with hammer, nails electric saws etc.


She was real and not just an imaginary person in my head

Or the picture that came in the frame for Glamour Shots.

@greyeyed123 right!!


The Hardware... 'Long is Original from Factory... No Transformers.

Ha Ha, here’s an honest guy not afraid to say he likes the hardware!

It’s hard to type when you’re laughing.


I agree—women tend to be warm-hearted. I also like the fact that they tend to be practical, prudent and responsible. They take care of themselves better.

I've found most women, no disrespect, to be the exact opposite, lol. Of all those attributes lol.


There are more genders than man and woman, and I find the same qualities attractive in anyone—extroverted, intelligent, energetic, assertive, creative, witty, kind, forgiving, and sensual. And we have to have chemistry and desire for each other. Extra points if they dance and have fix-it skills (I’ve got curtain rods that need hanging!)

UUNJ Level 8 Feb 15, 2019

What qualities of the opposite sex do I appreciate most?


What I look for most is a gorgeous, intelligent, fascinating, charming, charismatic, young lady in her twenties - with the figure of a goddess and legs that go on for ever - who is so absolutely HOWLING MAD that she would want to hurl herself at a 54-year-old codger who looks like a gremlin.

(And yes, you did say 'in a genuine, non-sarcastic way.' Sorry!)

ToakReon Level 7 Jan 11, 2019

Most women love to hug and cuddle, something of which I whole hearted agree with and appreciate.



Annvibe Level 1 Feb 15, 2019

Having a good additive and putting effort into life.


Intelligence, sense of humour and mischief, smile, personality, and on a letchy note I like bums and the bare neck and a pony tail (obviously optional) I need a cold shower smile001.gif

ipdg77 Level 8 Feb 8, 2019

The man who attracted me nine months ago is so kind; cares about the poor; sick and homeless. He is passionate and well read about what is happening in politics. This is a hard worker who makes me feel really good when he talks to me. Has a warm, polite, gentlemanly way he expresses himself, which is up close, personal, and gentle. I was comfortable the minute we met. His first priority, taking good care of his family and home, impressed me. While organized and self sufficient, he manages his own business unit around the world with a winning leadership style. His intelligence is exceptional, holding two degrees, with lucrative employment. Forgot to say, this man is an outstanding party host for dinner parties. I think he is extremely attractive. Put all those traits together and it is seductive on me. This is what I like about that man.

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