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Tell them Betty
"Memes R Us"

BeeHappy 9 Feb 15

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I love this


The woman is a National Treasure!
I've yet to hear her say anything I haven't agreed with.
This particular quote most especially!

Yep, she always seems to hit the mark. I want to be her when I grow up! LOL


Love this, perfect response to their mind-numbing Iron-will to inaction, but constant lame rejoinder, "my totally impotent thoughts and prayers" bullshit


I love Betty!! She is my role model!


I like Betty Boop.


The primaries aren't all that far away, and the filing date for candidates of both parties is within a few weeks. It's going to be interesting to see how many Republicans get primaried from the right.


Let's hope so...nobody is doing their job,.let them find something more suitable for themselves!

@Freedompath I was going to offer some pithy suggestions for 'suitable' employment, but none comes to mind...

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