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LINK Group displays anti-religious sign next to nativity scene

YAY, get the message out!

HippieChick58 9 Dec 23

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I hope the sign stays up. But probably won’t.


I love the FFRF!!!!
Andrew Seidel is one of my heroes. He's absolutely brilliant!


I feel if folks are never presented with other points of view they will never change. Most won't anyway but if it's seen as common it becomes accepted.

gearl Level 7 Dec 23, 2018

it is one ofmy goals this year to support this group ❤

MsAl Level 7 Dec 23, 2018

I agree with the FFRF on this. It's time to get the message out and there approach is a nice and polite simple one.


My mother had a fit when she saw someone put a statue of Satan up next to a Nativity Scene. That’s because she believes Satan is real, of course. In comparison this is pretty mild.


One great sign. I hope that helps our cause. I live my heathen life.

On the phone with my religious friend of many years today and he had to hang up. They were going to bow heads and talk to an invisible man, thanking him for their food and hoping he would use it for the nourishment of their bodies. I wanted to tell him to thank a farmer and produce group, then take some biology classes.

@DenoPenno Your story reminded me of this.

@GinaKay Yes, that shows it nicely.

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