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LINK A BBB Study on Romance Scams

PSA: Since got started as a "dating/community site" and today I've seen a post about why do we have scammers, I thought I'd post this. We try to be aware of scammers and eliminate them before they hurt anyone, but sometimes they slip through. It is up to all of us to be aware that they are out there, and to recognize the signs of a scammer. I know folks that have been hurt and spent lots of money on scammers. I had a guy ask me to send an Mac and an Apple watch to him, for business purposes, and he'd reimburse me. Yeah right, blocked. Was not on this site. Please be safe out there.

HippieChick58 9 Dec 24

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This behavior is starting to translate IRL, unfortunately. I am a contributor to another (very large) forum, and I am always aghast at the sheer number of people seeking advice on what to do when they "loaned" a new dating partner a lot of money and didn't get paid back. Con-artists, both women AND men, are taking people for a ride, scoring free vacations, houses, cars, and other big-ticket items. It's extraordinarily unwise to get financially involved with someone you don't know extremely well and for a lengthy period of time, be it online or in person.

If I had all the money I've been asked for over the years, I could take a really nice trip. I used to hang around to see what the pitch would be, and then tell them they were lowlifes and block/cut all contact. I've heard some amazing stories/set ups. Now as soon as I suspect a scam I am done. Life is too damn short.

@HippieChick58 LOL, me too! One guy actually asked me to buy a house with him. A HOUSE. No joke. I'm not dim enough to fall for that one. It's really good to have a policy/legal background. But to be fair, a lot of women and men think that they're automatically protected and have legal avenues to pursue con-artists. Unless you're married, any money you give them is a gift.

@LaRaconteur I had a former FB friend get involved with "a soldier" on FB. She was recently divorced and I think the divorce had shaken her very badly. She started sending this guy money cuz he told her he loved her. Then he contacted me, and within a very short while he was "loving" me and asking for money. When I told her this she unfriended me and blocked me. Go figure. Some women are just get stupid when it comes to being alone.


If they even Mention money..."just in passing", even $1, RUN! No reason whatsoever to discuss $$ with internet acquaintances!!!

I just assume that anybody calling/contacting me that isn't a friend or relative, is looking for $$, and usually just tell them (if it's a phone call) "no thanks" and hang up. Internet solicitations are easy; just ignore, delete, or string them along, if one has the time, to see how far they'll go before they realize they're getting nothing.


Scammers are everywhere. You're phone, the Internet, just everywhere.


I don't know why they figure they can scam people here but I guess they figure lonely people will fall for anything. This place keeps me from actually being lonely and I would be there are others who would agree that it isn't JUST a dating site but being that it is a possibility leaves that door open for those scammers.

@irascible lol..As long as I can avoid them the better off I am.


Scammers prey on those they deem vulnerable. Not just romance/dating site scammers who target lonely people, but primarily those who target the elderly hoping they have dementia and will forget how much money they gave and how often. My father is 88 and while he does NOT have dementia (knock wood) he is HAMMERED every day in the mail and on the landline with the same people calling EVERY day trying to get him to give them his SS#, money, etc. It makes me SO SO angry. The one time I feel kind of bad about being a non-believer is that I really wish there was an actual hell for those who target the vulnerable to be sent to.

It's called "jail" if they ever get caught.

@DenoPenno Not enough torture in my view for trying to prey on those with dementia/Alzheimers.

@seaspot_run I agree. If you back off and really notice it, all of this type of nonsense came on stronger than ever about the time that the stable genius came into power. More scammers came out of the woodwork.


I detest scamners of all sorts. They have become common. I sometimes get up to 10 phone call scam attempts a day. I had never experienced such things prior to the 1990s, but they are becoming more and more frequent and more brazen. It has gotten profoundly worse in he past 4 years, as the Republican culture of greed gains more and more influence.


Since I wrote in my bio, "I don't give to anyone I've met only on the Internet, whatever your emergency," no one has tried to scam me.

@irascible Good idea. I'll keep that in mind, and try to come up with something similar to send them.


Yeah, all those 20 something and 30 something women expressing an interest in guys my age...well, I just have to chuckle, and move on.

You are one of the wise ones, not all have your experience or understanding.

@HippieChick58 I don't know about "wise," but I tend to pay attention where necessary.?

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