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Trump has no character, perhaps one could argue he is one, but he certainly has none by any reasonable definition. And no apparent ideology, as far as I can discern, unless the unabashed pursuit of power and money can be called an ideology.


I agree he needs to go. I'm having a hard time believing it will happen.


Current betting odds give Trump a 36% chance that he will leave office before the end of his first term. So don't hold your breath.


I don't need a link to figure that out. Impeach him now and get it over with.


Character ! Ha! Mr trumps supporters , at least the ones I encounter in my life , might know what personality is . But not character . Two different animals actually . Heraclitus will had pull his hair out one by one if he had to write a book on this clown .
The article is very right I think . But no , Mr trump does not love his kids actually . Mr trump does not love anything than him self . And the sound of his own voice .

@TheAstroChuck I won't even give him that Sir . The love and the care of a father to his kids , I don't see in any of his actions . He failed to produce useful and good hearted humans . And he failed to provide them w a good reputation in life . A parent , the poorest or the richest , thinks of his actions and their results to his kids . This guy seems that never thought of his actions and what will bring w his actions to his children . He lives life for self .
The youngest one , what a selfish decision to bring life at age of 60 ? Any man or woman , but especially him . And even near seventy , he could just rest and enjoy his money and his very young child and be present in his life . Instead , he wanted to be president of a country .

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