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But, but, but....what about Hillary's emails? I am sure somehow this is Obama's fault. And Nancy Pelosi just sat back and let this happen. Don't forget about Chuck Schumer either.


That is one more step tords his impeachment. Can you impeach an vice president as well. I'm not to thrilled about Pence.


New York, New Jersey, and Federal; there must be more in other states. Trump is, if nothing else, consistent...tic-tic tic-tic tic-tic.


Listening for outrage from GOP....all I hear is crickets.


Excuse me, I'm having an attack of schadenfreude right now....


Probe ! Probe ! Probe !

Dougy Level 7 Dec 29, 2018

The possibility of more federal charges doesn't fill me with hope.
He can resign and Pence can pardon him.
Mueller has got to nail Pence, right along with 45.

If that doesn't happen, the ONLY real hope would be State charges.
Presidential pardons don't apply to State charges.

State Charges !
I did not know that !

@sweetcharlotte Scott is on his way out, and he can't charge anyone with anything anyway. The incoming governor, DeSantis, is another republican, but, he's also an opportunist. If he starts sensing that the tide is truly turning against 45, he won't get in the way of a State-run investigation into any wrong doing.
This particular case, however, is about what's happening at 45's Bedminster, NJ property. It has nothing to do with Mar-A-Lago. Although, it's a fair bet that the same type of things have been happening there as well.

No matter where you look, if 45's name is on it, it's a pretty good bet that it's going to get investigated now. It's also a pretty good bet that there will be crimes uncovered.


Excellent news! My hope is Trump will be impeached, convicted of felonies and sentenced to prison.


And the noose tightens. If they go back to Trump's lemonade stand when he was 10 years old, they'd probably find he stole the recipe, cheated with small cups, and swindled his friend out of the take. Honestly.


Why am I not surprised?


I’m just hoping for impeachment proceedings to start after Jan 1

Convection in the senate is not likely at this moment. Got to time this right or he will beat the impeachment.

I'd love to be wrong, but I don't have high hopes for his taxes. If there were anything actually criminal, the IRS would have already nailed him. I suspect all we'll see is that he didn't pay any taxes, lied about how wealthy he was, and lied about being a self-made billionaire.

@PalacinkyPDX The New York Times piece on his taxes from a few weeks ago should have rocked the country. Now it seems like they could find Trump burying bodies in the Rose Garden, and everyone would shrug because, you know, it's Trump...and he does things differently.


Possibly great news Keep the fire burning under the monsters


Yeah ????????

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