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LINK GOP Sen. Cruz, Rep. Rooney introduce constitutional amendment to impose term limits on Congress - CNNPolitics

Is this smoke and mirrors? What does it profit them? Can a Republican do the right thing for the country, where does it profit them?

HippieChick58 9 Jan 4

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I'm more concerned about money in politics rather term limits.


This would just speed up the revolving door. They wouldn't maybe run consecutive terms, they would have to be a lobbyist for the in between time then return to congress even more bought and paid for. It will make them richer in the end is all. We'd be left with little choices of free agents as they would be even more emboldened.

Perfectly stated. Thank you!


I don't trust Ted Crud to do anything for the public good. He's a lying sack of shit.



IMHO term limits don't solve problems as much as they create others... Knowing they have a limited time most politicians do as much kowtowing to their rich donors and then once out of office they become a new class of lobbyists.

Election finance reform would have a much greater impact yet for that to pass voters would have to stop being so passive and hold their elected reps' feet to the fire to get the government they claim they want.

Yep, get the $$ out of it; everybody start even.


Those are good questions. I would like to see a thorough analysis.




What do you know, a good idea coming from Republicans!

@Infoguy211 I didn't know that.

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