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How to get someone to stop snoring without waking them up .

So I'm on deployment right now laying in my rack four feet from my temporary roommate. He is loud as duck! Mind you I don't want to wake him up but my ass needs to sleep. It's 0029 or for those who don't understand military time it's 29 minutes after midnight. I have five hours until my alarm goes off and I can't sleep because of it (and maybe because I keep turning on my phone).

richdust 5 Feb 18

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Just thought of this if he gets sent on a secret mission or is on the font line how is he gonna sleep ? Maybe he should think about his career choice !


I like using a pillow to stop someone's snoring, sure, they can't breathe, but the snoring stops. No, don't do that, you let go of the pillow when they start struggling. ????


gently roll him off the bed.. the thump will quiet him down a bit.. 🙂


Superglue works every time.


No help right now, but get some noise cancelling headphones and a music player or phone.


Slight nudge in the ribs, but please change spots so there is no evidence later!


Say the persons name softly, not enough to wake them.


My stepson had a roommate in college who snored and he would just throw something at him and it would startle him but not wake him up and he'd be quiet for while.

Aside from ear plugs someone else suggested -- you can buy inexpensive "white noise" generators that usually have a selection of background noises that can help drown out intrusive noises and make sudden noises less noticeable. My wife loves hers, it has a selection of sounds like gentle rain, surf, actual white noise, etc. We have a battery-powered version we take on vacation.

There is no perfect answer. I managed to fanagle a CPAP device for myself despite that I technically don't have sleep apnea, and eventually found a "nose pillow" style mask that doesn't bug me too much. This allows my wife to actually sleep in the same bed with me as it stops my snoring. Although I still stagger out sometime after 3 am and crash on my office futon because I get up to pee too often (I'm 61) and she sleeps especially light after about that time.

Getting old is a bitch. It's one compromise and/or indignity after another. Fortunately there are a few upsides too. If only I could remember what they are.

Normally I can do a fake cough and that does the trick, but he had headphones in so that didn't work.

@richdust Just change his headphones to an acid rock radio station and turn the volume up.


Turn him in his side


Do you not have access to firearms? (Jk)



See image. You can find them at Walgreens on Hwy 49 S (25th Avenue) next to Taco Bell.

These have a noise reduction rating of 33 decibels which will help a lot, but you shouldn't have any problems hearing your alarm (I know from experience). I live 1 block from a train track. The trains run all night (using horns at every intersection). If it can block out the trains enough to fall asleep (and not be awaken), it should help block out the snoring of your roommate. I doubt there's much else you can do. They cost around 5 bucks.

PS -- I've tried them all --- these are the best, IMO, and comfortable.



First off, thank you for your service! If you can roll them on their side, or slide a pillow under their head it may help.


Put firm pressure on the pillow that you put over their face and hold steady for 10 minutes or more.

Yes that'll do I the trick .

Or alternatively, cover the mouth with one hand and close the nose with the other.

My wife has opined that she might use one well placed strike with a hammer.

I was gonna say plastic bag over the head. Same result.

@DavidLaDeau Get checked for sleep apnea. Just in case.

Have to add my Mom had more hearing loss in the ear turned towards my Dad in sleep. Learned after he passed that SHE also snored.

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