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Old saying. " Those who know that they are bound to lose the arguments reach for their guns."


It started out sociopathic. From the very beginning. Day one. The very first Evangelical was an obvious sociopath.

Copy cat

@GreenAtheist I assure you, I am wholly original. Even if someone said it before me.

@Lucifer what prophecy !

I AM somebody

@GreenAtheist Yes. Yes you are. And don't ever let anyone make you feel like you are less.

@Lucifer you did copy cat

@Lucifer worse is all the closet Atheists here refusing to fight violent faiths with you and me

@GreenAtheist What exactly did I "copy cat"?

@GreenAtheist Please elaborate.

@Lucifer posts pile on top one another except replies that are most recent below post is FIRST AT THE BOTTOM AND YOU COPIED MOMENTS there after ABOVE all our banter is in between.'s OK great big bad gawd of the brimstone bra. ..I forgive you

@GreenAtheist Ah. I see. That wasn't copying. That was pure coincidence. GMTA. And my bra is satin from Channel, not brimstone. Not that that has any relevance to this conversation...

@Lucifer true enough coincidental we think exactly alike you love women so do I you teach Feminist Atheism so do I. come on Lucifer, it's fair to say you wear the available adornments from Hades ??? I had no Idea MEPHISTOPHELES sold Channel lengerie

@GreenAtheist My cousin Mephistopheles, is currently an accountant. Hades has been dead for centuries. Just over two millennia, in fact. And saccloth is never flattering. I'd rather spend eternity naked than wear that again. Channel, Prada, Valentino, Louboutin. These are my favorites currently. I have a few closets full of them. I use my skeletons as mannequins. πŸ˜‰

@Lucifer I, like Michael Jordan wear clean fresh cotton Hanes boxers for comfort, briefs for fashion or work....speedos for swim &cycling

@Lucifer our sexist society lets us guys go shirtless while you poor mammals of eternity are causing all the BOOB QUAKES. ...thanks to the perfect Ayatollahs

@GreenAtheist You lost me at "Speedos".

@Lucifer sorry no bike paths nor Olympic Pools in your flames of eternal damnation

@GreenAtheist ...or water in liquid form.


YES, evangelical Christianity is sociopathic.


Last night, Wenatchee had light rain that froze overnight. This morning, sunshine melted the ice.


Sad. Hope you stayed warm.


Piss poor article.

Being sociopathic isn't about having one or two of those characteristics but several or all. In all the stories presented, the story centers on how an INDIVIDUAL person showcased ONE of those characteristics and then, based on a piece-meal analysis, extends that "diagnosis" to the entirety of their religion.

By the rationale laid out by the author, in other words, anyone could make the case that any institution is sociopathic, whether secular or religious. I could just as easily find 3 examples of individuals that have shown singular sociopathic behaiviour in the sciences, in public education, in business, in art, etc and then conclude that all those institutions are sociopathic... which of course they aren't

In other words, this article is filled with hyperbolic claims and gross misuse of psychology made by a person wanting to sell books by misusing psychology to supplement their weak thesis.

None of what you have listed has anything to do with the psychological condition of sociopathy.

My comment isn't addressing whether it's normal or abnormal.

My comment is only addressing the articles mis-application of psychology by identifing one trait associated with sociopathy in an individual and then claiming that that makes their entire community sociopathic.

It's like finding three physicists who show "unresponsiveness in general interpersonal relations" (which as a physicist I can tell you is not hard to do) and then using those three cases to claim that all of physics is sociopathic. That's as absurd as applying that logic to religion.

@TheMiddleWay Please note that the author didn’t mention Hilary Clinton, an evangelical Methodist, as an example.

It’s stereotyping of the worst sort IMO.


Every religion is sociopathic.
Any group of people who not only benefit from the misfortunes of others but in many cases are the cause of the misfortunes are sociopaths, imo.


It already was sociopathic. It just took its mask of faux gentility and civility off.


Christianity has ALWAYS been sociopathic.

The Pilgrims were run out of England and they came to the "New World" because
they were even too much for the Church of England.
They got here in 1620, and the Salem Witch Trials began in 1692.

Christians have been killing those they've deemed "unworthy" for thousands of years.
Can't tell me that the Crusades weren't undertaken by a bunch of sociopaths.

@Bendog That number seems a little low.

@Bendog I was thinking cumulative.

@Bendog Well, just spit balling here, but let's see, there are the Crusades, all five of them; the Pagan Genocide; the murder of Egyptian mathematician, Hypatia of Alexandria, by a christian mob; Charlemagne's beheading of 4500 Saxons for refusing to convert; the Battle of Belgrad (1456), 80,000 Turks slaughtered; all the Inquisitions, not just the Spanish; the murder of witches, throughout Europe and the Americas; the Indigenous Genocide of the Native Peoples of the Americas, Hawaii, the Pacific Islands, Australia, New Zealand, and other parts of the world; all the religious wars; the "Troubles" in Ireland; there were also catholic concentration camps in Croatia during WWII - which most people don't even know about. I could go on, because there ARE more, but what I touched on is just the tip of the iceberg. Just with the cases I mentioned, the numbers are in the millions, and there are still more.



I don't think they can "become" if they have always been there.


What is it called when you're beyond sociopathic? I think they have arrived.


Always was ...eschatology is the very definition of sociopathic ecocidal patriarchy that betrays our human Feminist Atheist birthright


Become? Really?


Do wild bears shit in the woods?

@Bendog Bummer dude


In a word, yes.


I think if one takes a long, hard, studied look at most religions and specifically western monotheistic ones, it will become clear that the foundations of the religions tend toward fostering various forms of sociopathic behaviors. The foundations of this aberration are built right into the basic structure. One can trace it back to early Judaism and follow its ugly little path up through the beginnings of the church. Evangelicals have merely embraced something socially destructive with a tiny bit more enthusiasm than other elements of the church.

However, this is not just a product of the church. The larger percentage of politicians come from similar backgrounds -- and always have -- and they carry it into whatever office they hold. What I'm saying here is that this is not something new or even different. It has been with us over several millennia and the degree of sociopathic behavior has fluctuated through different generations. We are witnessing one of the upswings in many ways. There is an upsurge of right wing authoritarianism coupled to an increase in religious fervor and they feed off one another. Fear of the other. Anger at perceived persecution. Seeking and finding potential scapegoats. Belittling and undermining institutions, groups, and individuals that represent resistance to some goal for the greater good.

The article is too narrow and doesn't look at the broader picture. Zeroing in on one aspect gives refuge to other even more important issues. It is time that people open their eyes to this panorama and not be distracted by shiny objects.


They always were.

godef Level 7 Jan 6, 2019

I just literally cannot understand anyone who would turn their back on their child.

Didn't you ever hear the story of Abraham and Isaac?

@LEPeff Of course but the point was quite clear in the OT. god would not allow child sacrifice like them bloody heathen types. Thats the thing, these buggas don't even understand the text they profess to preach.

@Amisja They fabricate it as they go to suit whatever agenda they are pursuing.


Yes, many of its most vocal leaders and spokespersons have become sociopathic. They are so focused on gaining p down people's throats -- via the force of law -- that they will do the most evil things and support the most evil people. They do this simply so that they can benefit from the control that they seek.


It always has been.

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